Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy for Better Online Exposure

Your content marketing strategy should include various types of content.

It’s difficult to draw the attention of your target audience every time. So what can you do about that? Diversifying your content marketing strategy will ensure you are able to effectively reach your target audience a larger percentage of the time. Whether you need content for your website or content for your blogs, a creative content writer can provide the tools you need to increase your online exposure and boost traffic through a number of marketing avenues.


Most Internet users are interested in watching videos online rather than reading a blog post or other content. Therefore, it’s important to implement a video into your marketing plan so you can reach those individuals who prefer this method of delivery. Once you create these videos, which can be scripted by a creative content writer, you can post them on many platforms, including your blog, your website, social media profiles and YouTube. This type of content is more likely to be shared among family and friends as well.

A How-to Approach

Instead of creating content for blogs that follow the typical layout, consider taking a how-to approach to some of your posts. Your content marketing strategy should focus on ways to help your readers and provide information to answer their questions. In many situations, they may want to learn about ways they can use your products and services. Creating blog posts and other content, including videos, that show your readers how to do something will capture their attention and keep them coming back to read more, even if they skip your traditional blog posts.

A List Approach

Another alternative to the traditional blog post is to choose the list format. A list format makes it easy for readers to quickly scan the post and find out what it is all about without having to read the whole post. This can be a great variation for content for your website, as well as your blog. Choose a topic your readers may be interested in and present them with a list that will attract their attention and answer their questions. A list approach can be the solution if you are having difficulty coming up with other ideas, creating excellent filler content to keep a steady flow of content for your blog.


Longer content is often best reserved for topics your readers request. One of the best ways to generate leads is by offering valuable information in the form of an eBook. A creative content writer can help you come up with an interesting topic and then create a landing page to attract visitors. If they are interested in finding out more about what you have to offer, they will fill in their contact information and get a free download of your eBook. As long as you find a topic that interests your target audience, you will obtain a large number of qualified leads more likely to turn into sales.


Another popular way to get creative with your content marketing strategy is with infographics. These attractive graphics provide valuable information in a short, concise manner. They are also more entertaining than offering the same information through content for your blog or content for your website. While it’s not necessary to create these on a regular basis, they can be an effective addition to your marketing plan.

Email Marketing

Many companies reach out to their customers through email marketing. While some businesses feel this is an outdated practice, others understand the importance of reaching your audience through this platform. In between blog posts and site content, consider sending out valuable emails designed to attract an audience and bring them to your website when nothing else is bringing them back.

Blog posts and fresh site content are great ways to bring more visitors to your site, but your content marketing strategy should include more than these services. An effective marketing plan should be diverse and use a variety of methods to ensure you can reach as many people as possible and turn them into repeat visitors.

If you are looking for a creative content writer to help diversify your marketing, contact us. We can help you generate new leads through creative content marketing.