How to Use a Press Release to Advertise a Corporate Event

Press release content providers will help you effectively reach your target audience.

A corporate event is a time to celebrate, but if you want the event to be a success, it’s important to make sure everyone who should know about it finds out. One of the best ways to do this is by creating good press release content and distributing it through the proper online channels; however, press release content providers understand there is a right and wrong way to write content for your press release. Making sure you hire the best copywriter for press releases will ensure you get the best results.

Grab Their Attention

The most important, yet most difficult, aspect of a successful corporate event press release is to grab their attention. Copywriting press release content may leave you feeling like there’s no room for creativity, but it’s still important to grab the attention of your target audience. It all starts with a catchy headline that accurately describes what readers can expect to find within the content for your press release. In addition to the headline, it’s also important to create a clear, succinct summary and start to the body.

Use a Professional Tone in the Right Voice

Good press release content uses a professional tone, rather than speaking conversationally like blog posts and site content. This type of content has a journalistic base and is designed to formally provide information to readers. While it’s essential to use a professional tone in your writing, avoid using industry-specific jargon with which your readers may not be familiar. It’s also important to remember to only write in third person unless you are quoting someone.

Send It out at the Right Time

Timing your press release can be complex. Press release content providers can help you determine the best time frame to write and distribute the release so everyone is aware of your corporate event before it takes place. Many press release distribution sites have a delay of at least a couple of days before the release is published. It’s also useful to distribute an advertising press release at least a week prior to the event.

Add a Hook to the Release

If your goal is to bring more people to your corporate event, you need to hook your readers in. Let them know what you expect them to do with the information you just provided. One of the best ways to hook your readers in is to tie your corporate event into trends, news and social issues that may appeal to your readers.

Don’t Include All Information

While it’s important to provide the necessary information, the best copywriter for press releases knows how to include just enough information to keep your readers interested and to encourage them to visit your website. The primary goal of a press release is to encourage readers to either visit your website for more information or to contact you.

Don’t Overdo the SEO

Search engine optimization is a necessary aspect of many types of online writing. Press releases aren’t one of them. In fact, search engines are more likely to reject press releases that appear to be written for SEO purposes. This is because content for your press release is meant to be informational and journalistic. Press releases aren’t the place for bullet lists, a lot of hyperlinks or keywords.

Don’t Sound like a Sales Pitch

Even though your goal is to attract more people to your corporate event, you don’t want to use sales language in your press release content. Copywriting press release content requires a delicate balance between making the wording attractive to readers, convincing them to attend your event, and sounding like a sales pitch. Press releases that sound like they are selling are often rejected from distribution channels.

Creating good press release content for your next corporate event can ensure more people know about it and will attend. When you hire press release content providers, you will be able to take advantage of their expertise in this type of writing. There is a long list of things you should do and what you should avoid when creating these content pieces to ensure they are accepted by the distribution channels, helping you reach the most individuals who may be interested in attending your corporate event.

If you are looking for the best copywriter for press releases, contact us. We can help you create an attractive press release for your next corporate event.