Is Your Homepage Optimized to Capture Your Readers’ Attention?

Hire a content writer to help you capture attention with your homepage.

Your homepage is the equivalent of your storefront in the online world. It is often the first interaction customers and prospects have with your company. For this reason, you need to hire a content writer with the experience to optimize your homepage to catch your visitors’ attention. Content writing for websites needs to entice your readers to visit other pages on your site and come back when they are ready to make a purchase or need more information. For this reason, your homepage content is perhaps the most important page on your site.

Set Your Goals

Before you hire a copywriter, you need to establish goals for your website. Do you want to drive more traffic to build recognition for your company? Do you need generate more sales online? Are you interested in informing your readers? These goals will help you build an effective homepage that attracts the right people and increases your ability to close sales online. After all, it’s not only about attracting more visitors; it’s also about building your business.

Start with a Catchy Headline

You only have a few short seconds to make a stellar first impression among your readers. When you find content writers, what are you looking for? You likely make a decision about a content writing company almost as soon as you see their site for the first time. What attracts you? You are more likely to look at the headline first and make a decision based on that alone. Before you start writing the content on the page, you may want to start with the headline.

Create Valuable Content

Because the homepage is often a customer’s first encounter with your company, the content writing for websites should be informative and let them know just what you offer and what you are all about. This information will help them make a decision about using your business to satisfy their current and future needs. When you hire a content writer to complete your homepage content, make sure they use your voice and offer the information your readers want.

Optimize the Page

In addition to making your homepage appealing to your customers and prospects, it’s also necessary optimize it for the search engines. Optimizing a homepage is about more than using the right keywords. For starters, it’s important to use headline tags to ensure your headlines and subheadings stand out from the rest of the page. Other elements of search engine optimization include using a meta description, page title, images and anchor text.

Implement Social Media

Today, it’s all about connecting your business to social media. More consumers now like to follow their favorite businesses and interact with them on social media. Therefore, it’s important to use social sharing buttons on your homepage, as well as other pages on your website. This will make it easy for your visitors to share your site with their family and friends. It also helps the search engines connect your business to your social media sites.

Use a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is an essential element in blog posts and other types of content; however, it’s important to find content writers who use this important tool on your homepage as well. Even though visitors to your site are likely to need what you offer based on their search results, it can be helpful if you tell them what step they should take next. For instance, encouraging them to contact you to discuss their options can help them make the final decision to send an email or make the call.

Building your homepage is one of the best things you can do to attract more visitors and ensure those who need your products or services turn to you when they need it. When you hire a copywriter to help you create the content, make sure they work for a content writing company with extensive experience in creating homepages. This page is often the first thing visitors will see and can play a significant role in whether they visit more pages or seek out one of your competitors.

If you need help developing content for your homepage, contact us. Our experienced team of copywriters is ready to help you attract more visitors and generate more sales.