Demand Generation Resources: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

An SEO article writing service can help you with your demand generation.

In addition to driving traffic to your website, you need an effective marketing tool to generate demand for your products or services. For this reason, many companies hire an SEO article writing service that offers packages that include demand generation resources. When used appropriately, these services can help drive traffic and create more interest in your company.

Focus on Your Goals

Before you find content writers, it’s important to determine what your goals are in creating this type of content. When you are working with potential customers, you will encounter individuals who are at various places within the sales process. Some people are ready to make a final purchase, while others are still in the research stages. Instead of focusing on bringing people into the sales funnel all of the time, it’s important to use ebooks and white papers to encourage individuals to move further down the funnel towards a conversion.

Make It Relevant

Because you have groups of individuals at various stages of the buying process, your demand generation pieces should be relevant to each group. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is creating content designed to cover your entire audience. Instead, you need freelance content writers who can create different pieces for each segment of your target market. This tailored marketing is a more effective content marketing tool than many other methods you may use.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

In sales, it can be easy to get aggressive. You may feel the only way to get the attention of your target audience is to continually pursue them and bombard them with information everywhere they turn. Unfortunately, this can often be the fastest way to turn these prospective customers off from your business. Freelance writers for hire can help you develop a strategy that approaches your target audience carefully. For instance, if you are going to offer an ebook to site visitors, set it up so visitors are only notified on their first visit. You can place a link on your site pages but don’t create a pop-up that will appear every time someone loads a page.

Track Your Progress

Not all content marketing efforts are successful the first time you create them. For this reason, you need an SEO article writing service that provides tracking services so you can see how effective your demand generation tools are in reaching each segment of your target audience. You realize the importance of generating quality leads in order to increase the number of conversions, but if your marketing isn’t reaching the right people, it won’t provide the results you need. Set goals and check up on your progress frequently so you can make any necessary adjustments.

Consider Different Platforms and Devices

The number of users who access the Internet through other platforms is rapidly increasing. Even those individuals who use a desktop or laptop computer to access websites on a regular basis may still use alternative platforms and devices at least some of the time. When you find content writers, it’s important to make sure they can help you develop content that will work well on a number of platforms. This is particularly important for demand generation content. If users aren’t able to easily access this information, they aren’t likely to turn to you for the solutions to their problems.

Demand generation content is different from other types of content your freelance content writers may create. It’s more important than ever for these pieces to reach the appropriate target audience to ensure the greatest success. While conversions are the ultimate goal, it’s easier to gauge your success if you break up your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces so you can make minor adjustments along the way.

If you are looking for an SEO article writing service that can help you create demand generation resources, contact us. We can design an ebook or other valuable content piece designed to attract attention.