Great Images Can Be an Effective Content Marketing Tool

Ask your creative content writer to help you choose images.
A creative content writer will make sure you have the right images.

Did you know one of the biggest reasons certain content is successful and other pieces fail isn’t just because of the quality of the writing itself? You may work with a creative content writer who works hard at putting valuable information into every piece, only to find your conversion rates and traffic are still low. The problem often lies in the images you use or the lack thereof. In fact, great images are one of the most effective content marketing tools available.

Stock Photos

One of the first places a content writing service turns is to stock photo websites. Unfortunately, these photos often have a negative reputation in the content marketing world; however, when you work with the right content writing service, you can feel confident in the images they choose for your website, even if they obtain them from stock photo services. Stock photos can still elicit emotions from your readers as long as you choose them carefully and they are relevant to the article.


Many website content writing services specialize in telling a target audience relevant information, but you can enhance what your writers say with real screenshots. For instance, if you are trying to show your readers how your product or service has been able to help one of your customers, you may want to include a screenshot of a “thank you” email you received. The old cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true today.

Personal Photos

You may not think personal photos have a place on your website or blog, but they can actually lend a unique touch to your content, especially when you are trying to tell a personal story. Content writing packages can often be tailored to include pictures you provide, especially if they are relevant to the content you offer. For example, you may be telling your readers why you chose to become involved in your industry. Including a picture of you in a situation that related to this decision can give them greater insight into your choice.

Graphs and Charts

Images don’t have to be limited to photos. In fact, you can effectively portray ideas through graphs and charts that enhance the information included in the article. If you really want to drive the point home regarding particular data points, ask your creative content writer to create a graph or other chart to visually present the information to your readers.


Infographics are the latest effective content marketing tool. These graphics create easy, concise methods of sharing information with your readers. In many cases, this graphic will provide a fast look at the detailed information included in the accompanying article. A creative content writer can find attractive ways to showcase this data so you can reach even more individuals.


You most likely loved reading comics, either in the Sunday paper or in comic books, when you were younger. As you got older, browsing comics may not be as high on your list of things to do, but they can be an effective marketing tool when used in conjunction with articles or newsletters. These comics can create a lighter look at your industry and help you appeal to a larger demographic.

Custom Art

If stock images and personal photos don’t appeal to you and you are really looking to impress your target audience, you may want to consider custom art. Whether you hire someone to put together these graphics or you do them yourself, you can create a unique image that will stand out from all of the others. A creative content writer may be able to help you stage the ideal picture to add to your post.

Regardless of the type of images you choose, you need a content writing service with the experience necessary to pick the right image to go with each of your content pieces. As long as your creative content writer chooses relevant images that attract the attention of your readers, this will be one of the most effective content marketing tools in your arsenal.

If you are looking for a website content writing service to help you find relevant images, contact us. We can help you find the perfect image for each of your articles.