Press Releases Have Evolved to Become an Effective Marketing Tool

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What do you think of when you hear the term “press release”? If you’re like most people, you think of the older methods of using press releases where they were primarily utilized by news media to pick up new stories. Today, a press release content provider will tell you this type of content has evolved. While the content for your press release is still relatively the same, it can now be used as an effective marketing tool to reach your target audience, not just the news media.

An SEO Booster

Traditional press releases were first used by businesses to attract the attention of the news media, where the information would be passed along to a larger audience. Expert writers today now tailor those press releases to an online audience, which means they can implement your keywords into the press release content and give you an SEO boost. This will expand your reach even further. In addition, good press release content includes links. These links should lead to your website and can give it an even better ranking among the search engines.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

The best copywriter for press releases will be able to help you drive traffic to your website. Simply having your name attached to the press release will be enough to attract attention to your business, but with the right linking, you can drive even more traffic to your website. When individuals read the information contained within your press releases online, they should want to know more and will click on the link to visit your website.

Variety Is Key

One of the most important elements of an effective marketing plan is a variety of content types. Most businesses recognize the value of a website and blog, but some of these companies don’t look beyond this content; however, when you use a press release content provider, you will gain the advantage of using a number of different content types to effectively reach a larger segment of your target audience.

Build Yourself as an Expert

You look for expert writers to create content for your press release because you know they are familiar with the correct processes and can provide the results you want. This is what press releases can do for you. Using press releases as part of your marketing plan, especially when you or another prominent individual in your company is quoted, will establish you as an expert in your field so you can gain the trust of prospective clients.

Writing Your Press Releases

When you look for the best copywriter for press releases, it’s essential to know a little something about good press release content. In order to achieve the results you want from this type of content, your press release provider should create content that includes:

  • A Newsworthy Topic – Although the purpose of press releases has changed, the way they are written has not. Make sure you choose newsworthy topics that are informative and leave readers wanting to find out more.
  • Use Keywords – Although keywords aren’t as important in press releases as in other types of content, they should still be used to improve search engine optimization. Expert writers know how to weave them into content without sounding awkward.
  • Add Links – Links are an important element in quality press release content writing. Make sure all links are relevant and take readers to your website. This builds credibility and provides the additional information readers crave.
  • Follow the Proper Procedure – Press releases need to be written in third person only. In addition, it’s best to avoid industry jargon because this type of content is typically read by individuals with little or no experience in your industry. Writers should follow a specific format as well.
  • Consider Other Media – Written words are a key in getting your ideas across, but you can improve your performance by adding other media, such as images and video. This visual stimulation allows you to reach more users.

Finding a press release content provider should be a top priority if you want to maximize the impact of your content marketing plan. Expert writers have experience with press releases and can help you develop good press release content designed to provide information to your target audience.

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