When It Comes to Marketing Strategy, Content Is King and Diversification Is Queen

Diversifying your content is one of the best content marketing ideas.
One of the best content marketing ideas is to diversify your content.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” While content writers understand the value of quality content, many don’t realize diversity is just as important as offering valuable information to your readers. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to come up with new content marketing ideas to keep your blog and other aspects of your marketing fresh and attractive. When you consider content writers for hire, it’s important to make sure you are working with a team that can help you diversify your content to increase the amount of qualified traffic you generate.

Engage Your Readers

Giving your readers information isn’t always enough to attract their attention. Many consumers want to work with businesses with whom they can have a conversation; however, they will quickly grow tired of using the same methods. For this reason, it’s important to work with creative content writers who can help you find new ways to engage your target audience. If you find the level of engagement among your readers is starting to decline, consider using other types of content to reach your target audience. Certain segments of your audience will often prefer varying content types.

Repurpose Your Old Content

Just because you are trying to diversify your content in your marketing plan doesn’t mean you have to start over completely. For instance, you can take your most popular blog posts and turn them into videos to entice an audience that prefers to watch their content, rather than read it. Consider splitting up some of your highest performing blog posts into a variety of social media posts to generate new interest in them. Combine posts with the same topic into an ebook or a white paper you can offer in exchange for submitting their contact information. There are many options for fresh content marketing ideas.

Test It Out

When you first start working on diversifying your content writing for your website, it’s important to keep an eye on how well it is working so you can make any necessary adjustments. Your marketing plan should include analytics to give you a clear view of what is working and what isn’t. Some of the areas of focus for your content writers should include:

  • The overall perception of your brand, often dictated by chatter online
  • How long visitors spend on each page
  • How many people return to your website
  • How often do they come back

If you are working with an inexperienced team of content writers, you may not realize how important analytics are.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many businesses get into a rut when it comes to their content marketing plan. They may have focused on their blog and saw a good turn out with site visitors. Unfortunately, when you stick to the same tactics for too long, you are often alienating at least one segment of your potential target audience. Sometimes it can really pay off to get out of your comfort zone and get creative so you can generate more buzz about your business and drive more traffic. Some content marketing ideas to get you started can include:

  • Creating a fun video related to your industry
  • Interviewing yourself using split-screen techniques
  • Developing a series of creative memes
  • Using a comic strip in your newsletter
  • Hosting live social media events
  • Building an infographic or even a videographic

Anything that will make your visitors stop and take notice can be a great way of truly engaging your audience and diversifying your marketing strategy.

Content writers for hire can help you find new ways to build your content marketing and diversify the types of content you provide to your customers and prospects. Creative content writers are full of fresh, fun ideas you can use to intrigue your target audience and increase the number of loyal customers who enjoy following you. With the right help, you can put yourself one step ahead of your competition.

If you are looking for creative content writers who can provide quality content across a variety of platforms, contact us. Our team can provide the valuable content you need to effectively reach your target audience.