Press Releases Are Read More Often If They Contain Images or Videos

Images and videos complement good press release content.
Good press release content should be accompanied by images and videos.

While press releases don’t serve the same purposes today, copywriting press release content is still an important part of your marketing campaign. Hiring press release copywriting services can help you make the most of this effective marketing tool. These companies understand the importance of using images and videos in conjunction with good press release content to make the largest impact on your target audience.

The Importance of Visibility

Just like traditional press releases, online press release content has a good chance of being picked up by other media outlets, allowing your news to spread rapidly. This will increase the number of views your press releases get and whether they reach a significant portion of your target audience. For this reason, good timing is an important aspect to consider when you put together your marketing strategy.

However, if you want to increase the chances media outlets and consumers will look at and read your press releases, it’s important to consider adding images or videos to the content. Copywriting press release content can be a complex process, which means hiring press release copywriting services is essential. They should help you determine whether images and videos are the right option for your press releases.


Images are among the easiest options when you want your press release content to be more visual. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure every image you select is relevant to the content you have created. When you use an image in combination with good press release content, that image will show up when you share the content on social media.

In addition to making sure your images are relevant, make sure they are eye-catching and high quality so your readers are drawn to them and are more likely to pay attention to what you have to say. Even though it’s essential to use high-resolution images, they should load quickly to avoid turning off your target audience. Always make sure you have permission to use any image you choose.


Another great option for certain press releases is to attach a short promotional video. While it’s important for your press release content to be more informative than promotional in nature, video can help enhance the story-telling nature of press releases. These videos can be as short as 15 seconds or as long as a professional commercial.

If you are considering adding video to your press release content, you don’t have to rely solely on professionally produced videos. Even a short video shot with your smartphone can be an effective tool when it provides the exact content your readers are looking for. When you share your press release on social media, a short preview will download, which will work on all devices and give you an SEO boost.


One of the fastest growing trends in content marketing is infographics. Many people consider the use of these informative images for their blog or website.  However, they can also be an effective tool when attached to your press release. These graphics are often eye-catching and can provide information to your audience in a fun, new way.

When press release copywriting services create infographics, it’s important to make sure they are simple and clearly provide the information your readers want. While it can be tempting to overdo the infographics, it’s best to stick to the bare necessities.

Good press release content can go a long way toward giving your company the recognition it deserves. However, it’s not just the copywriting of press release content you should be concerned with. Instead of focusing solely on the words you write, you might want to consider adding visual stimulation as well. An appropriately used image, video or infographic can go a long way toward attracting your target audience and holding their attention.

If you are looking for press release copywriting services that can help you create effective press releases, contact us. Our experienced writers can help you find ways to make the most of your press releases.