Professional Content Writers Can Help You Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Attract attention to your LinkedIn with professional content writers.
Professional content writers can draw attention to your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re only using Facebook and Twitter to market your business, you may be missing out on the valuable benefits of reaching your target audience through LinkedIn as well. While many people treat LinkedIn as more of networking social media site, good web content writing companies can help you take advantage of the advertising capabilities available, especially if your business deals in B2B. Whether you haven’t started using LinkedIn or you haven’t made the most of this marketing tactic, you need to find content writers who can help.

Choose a Profile Image

Some people don’t want to use their picture on LinkedIn and choose to skip the profile image altogether. However, this can lead to your prospective customers or contacts skipping your profile as well. As you consider picture options, don’t settle for an unprofessional selfie you took with your webcam or cell phone. Instead, hire a professional photographer or ask a friend, family member or coworker to take one with a higher quality camera.

Implement Your Keywords

LinkedIn is searchable within the website, as well as on the main search engines. For this reason, you need to ask your web content writing service to help you implement your top keywords into your LinkedIn profile. Not only will this increase the chances someone who needs you will be able to find you more easily over your competitors, but it also means you will get the recognition your company deserves. Make sure you include links to your blog posts as well to further integrate your keywords.

Use Long-Form Posting

When it comes to LinkedIn, you’re no longer restricted to posting a short blurb from your blog posts and linking directly to your blog so readers can continue reading. Your content marketing company can now use long-form posting that allows you to post your longer posts directly to the LinkedIn platform as well. You may not choose to post all of your blogs here, but it can be an effective way of making sure the right people see your posts.

Be Careful with Your Connections

Your connections are an invaluable tool in networking and reaching prospective and current customers. However, you can quickly lose those connections if you don’t use them properly. For starters, you shouldn’t use the default connection request response. Treat each connection request on an individual basis and reach out to the individual to thank them for the request. Professional content writers can also help you continue to stay in touch with your connections. One of the most important things to remember is never to begin hard selling as soon as a connection is made. Developing relationships should be your top priority.

Cultivate Recommendations

While endorsements are an attractive feature, anyone can click on them without firsthand knowledge of your level of skill in that area. This means endorsements can often be an inaccurate reflection of yourself and your business.Recommendations, on the other hand, must be carefully thought out and developed. Your content marketing company can help you find ways to reach out to your connections and request a recommendation to properly boast your skills.

Get Your Employees Involved

It isn’t easy to have the type of impact you want if your employees aren’t willing to get involved. One of the most useful elements on LinkedIn is the ability to connect with just about anyone. Your connections will be able to see who is part of your company and who isn’t. Your web content writing service can help you train your employees to use LinkedIn. Not only will this give them a boost in their professional lives, but it will help your business too. When customers or prospects see your employees are happy with your company, they are more likely to be pleased as well.

Web content writing companies should be able to help companies make the most of LinkedIn as part of an effective content marketing strategy. Your content marketing company can find content writers who have experience in developing content for this social media site. Once you make the necessary changes to your LinkedIn profile, you will enjoy all the benefits that come from using this platform.

If you are looking for help with your LinkedIn profile, contact us. Our professional content writers can help you create a profile and maximize its effectiveness.