Generating and Nurturing Leads with Email Marketing

There are many ways to use email marketing.
Email marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly.

Email marketing is one of the most popular lead generation tools among businesses. In fact, research shows businesses still generate a large amount of their revenue from using email marketing best practices. If you aren’t already taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool, it may be time to evaluate adding it to your current marketing strategy. However, you can’t just start sending random emails; you need email marketing services to help you nurture the leads you generate.

Generating New Leads

One of the biggest reasons companies use email marketing is to generate new leads for their business. It can be difficult to reach out to your target audience through email, but the rewards are often well-worth the effort. Experienced email marketing services are able to help you build an email marketing plan that is designed to generate more leads and help you build your sales through this avenue. The method of generating leads through emails can be a sensitive process, which is why it’s often important to hire a company to help you create and manage this aspect of your marketing for the best results.

Automated Software Can Help

Once you have cultivated email addresses from your leads, you will be able to use them for your email marketing.  However, email marketing best practices dictate the best ways to reach your target audience without looking like spam, which can lead to potential customers blocking your emails instead of reading them and visiting your website as a result. Automated software can help you create an email marketing plan designed to effectively reach your target audience without causing problems.

With automated software, email marketing services can create a series of emails created to reach prospects at certain intervals. These emails can then be scheduled in the system so they are automatically sent at the appropriate time without prompting from a human. In some situations, this schedule can be based on actions by the user. For instance, when a recipient opens the email and clicks on a link within it, the automated software can send out an email thanking the user for visiting your site. This creates an interaction that isn’t viewed as spam and is instead seen as a gesture of goodwill and good customer service.

How to Create Great Emails

Even if you use a digital marketing firm to help with your email marketing, it can be useful to understand the basics of creating quality emails that will reach your audience and leave a positive impression. These emails should be designed to gently lead your prospective customers through the sales channel. The following email marketing best practices will ensure your emails hit the mark.

  • A Catchy Subject Line – Many people scan the subject lines in their email to decide which ones to open and which ones to delete. You need your subject to stand out to ensure your customers open your emails, rather than passing them over.
  • Keep It Simple – Don’t spend a lot of time creating a long email because odds are it won’t be read. Individuals receive a lot of emails every day and won’t spend a lot of time on one email. Keep the content clear and concise and link to your website for more information or invite them to contact you.
  • Use Images – Images can be a powerful tool, even in email marketing. These images should relate directly to the topic and be selected to add value to the email.
  • Integrate Social Media – Social media allows individuals to easily share the information with their friends and family members. Make sure you include social sharing buttons and encourage your readers to follow you there as well.
  • Include a Call-to-Action – At the end of your email, you need to tell your readers what you expect them to do. Make this call-to-action engaging for the best results.

Email marketing may seem dead, but it can still be an effective method of lead generation when used correctly. Working with email marketing services will ensure you have the best chance of obtaining more customers through this method.

If you are looking for an experienced team to help with your email marketing,contact us. We strive to use email marketing best practices to get you the results you want.