How Content Can Turn Readers into Buyers

Increase your sales with effective content marketing.
Your content marketing should focus on converting readers into sales.

The content you or your content writing company creates should be informative, but it takes a special kind of content to turn your readers into buyers. As you develop your content marketing strategy, it’s important to find ways to convince those who read your web content, blog posts and other types of content to purchase products and services from your business. These tips can help increase your online conversions through your content alone.

Identify Pain Points

Most of your customers turn to you to resolve specific problems. When your content addresses these issues, they are more likely to see your company as a viable option to provide the resolution they’re looking for. This shows your customers you care about their needs and want them to feel good about their purchases.

Track Customer Pleasure

You can’t make adjustments to your content marketing strategy if you aren’t aware of what is working and what isn’t. To help you make the right choices, consider sending out a survey to determine the level of customer satisfaction. Sending out this survey immediately after a sale can be one of the best times, though there are other times when they would be appropriate as well. Issuing a survey to your sales team can also help you determine which content is providing the largest number of online conversions so you can focus your efforts on these aspects of your content strategy.

Take a Personal Approach

While it’s important to determine who your target audience is, you shouldn’t focus too much on reaching out to your audience as a whole. Your readers are looking for a personal touch that allows them to feel important to your business. Segmenting your audience into small groups can help you make your content marketing more personal, reaching specific individuals based on their unique needs.

Guide Your Audience

Prospects use the Internet to research products and services before they make a final purchase. While some aspects of your content strategy should scale back on the sales language, it’s important to find ways to emphasize the quality of your products and services and why they are the ideal option to meet your customers’ needs. Telling them why they should purchase from you, either directly or indirectly, will help guide their decision.

Pique Their Curiosity

Adding a touch of mystery to your content can be enough to cause your readers to dig further. The further they delve into the information you offer, the more likely they are to choose you when it comes time to make a final purchase. When you create a sense of curiosity and an urge to learn more, you will improve the online conversions you receive.

Get References

Just like prospective employees need references to vouch for their ability to do the job well, it’s important to seek out references for your business as well. These often come in the form of testimonials on your website and reviews found on third-party sites. If you don’t have a lot of reviews, you can solicit your current customers to leave their thoughts about your company and the service you provide by offering them something in return for their words.

Use Persuasive Language

One of the best ways to boost the conversions your content generates is by using persuasive language to encourage your readers to choose you. This type of language doesn’t have to heavily sell but can often be enough to increase the chances your readers will make a final purchase from you. Some of the words you should consider using include:

  • Action words
  • “Because”
  • “You”
  • “Risk free”
  • “Free”
  • “Guarantee”
  • “Now”

In addition to using these words, using numbered lists can be an effective way of attracting the attention of readers. The more readers you have, the more likely you are to have a higher rate of online conversions.

Content marketing takes a lot of planning and adjustments before you find out what works best for your business. Hiring a content marketing firm to help you evaluate your options and increase your online conversions can be an important investment. With the help of these tips, you can provide the information your readers are looking for and increase the chances they will turn to you when they are ready to make a purchase.

If you are looking for help with your content strategy, contact us. Our marketing specialists will help you develop an effective plan so you can convert more readers into customers.