How to Create Killer Social Media Content

Make your readers think with good social media content.
Your social media content should get your readers thinking.

Social media content may seem easier to handle because of its shorter length, but it’s important to put the same amount of effort into making this content really stand out. You need to help your social media profile to stand apart from your competitors so your customers and prospects are comfortable turning to you for the information and the answers they’re looking for. These tips can help you make the most of your social media writing to attract more users.


While you want to own the content you offer, your social media writers can implement direct quotes from industry leaders into your social media posts. When your readers see you are providing them with the valuable information they need, they are more likely to continue to turn to you to satisfy their needs.


One of the best ways to encourage people to visit your social media profiles is to ask for their input. Polls are a great method of engaging your audience. Ask them what topic they would prefer for your next blog post. Find out whether they liked your latest product. Any question that can be answered with one of several options is a good choice for a poll.


Infographics are one of the latest options for providing information in an easy-to-understand manner. These images are custom created for your company, using a number of statistics relating to your industry. Because of the way in which the information is presented, it is an attractive option for social media content.


No one likes to visit a social media profile that only showcases written posts. In addition to your social media writing, a healthy dose of images can be a valuable asset. Posting branded images, as well as candid photos from your business, can be a good way to connect with your readers on a new level and hold their attention.

Tips and Tricks

Everyone wants to know how to use your products or services better, and who knows better how to do this than you do. Because social media content is so short, it’s the perfect place to offer these gems to your readers, helping them make the most of what you offer.

Blog Posts

Your blog posts won’t fit on your social media profiles, but your social media writers can help you create short blurbs that promote your blogs and encourage your followers to visit your website to read the whole blog post. This can be a great way to drive more traffic and thus increase your sales.


Another useful option to mix things up on your social media sites is to create relevant videos. In fact, many Internet users prefer to watch informational videos than to actually read the content. Your social media writers can help you create the scripts and may even be able to offer services to create the final product for you.


If polls have been successful on your social media, you can use social media writing to encourage a conversation with your followers. Ask an open ended question and invite them to leave their comments and questions. When you use this method, make sure you check in often so you can reply to anyone who comments.


Everyone loves to get a deal and it’s even better when it feels like it was designed just for them. Social media is the ideal way to provide only your followers with access to specials only available on your social media site.


Just like specials, everyone loves to get a great deal. Better yet, they enjoy getting something for free. You don’t have to give away something worth a lot of money, but it will leave a positive impression on your customers if you host giveaways occasionally.

Social media writing can be one of your most useful assets if you use it properly. Social media content may be shorter than your site content, blog posts or e-books, but it can be a great way to engage your readers and make them feel like they are important to you. These and other ideas can help you effectively reach your target audience so you can increase your traffic and your sales.

If you’re looking for social media writers to help you manage your social media writing, contact us. We can provide the informative posts your readers are looking for.