Choosing the Right Color Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Use the right colors to improve your website conversion rate.
Your website conversion rate can be affected by color.

Is your website conversion rate as high as you want it to be? While many people realize the quality of their site content plays a major role in this statistic, the colors you are using on your site can also be a factor. If you want to know how to increase your conversion rate, you have to work with a content writing company with the right experience in choosing colors that will appeal to your target audience and increase the chances of a better conversion rate.

Get Your Brand Recognized

It all starts with creating your brand. You will need to choose specific colors you think will reflect your business ideals well and help your target audience easily identify who you are and what you stand for. Did you know using color can increase your brand recognition by 80 percent? Without the use of color, individuals will not be attracted to your brand and won’t be able to remember you when they need the products and services you offer.

Take a Clue from Candy  

What’s the last thing you typically see when you’re in the grocery store? Candy is often strategically placed at the checkouts because retailers and candy companies alike know these commodities are typically impulse buys. As you’re waiting your turn in the checkout, the brightly colored candy packages capture your attention and make you feel like you could really use a little extra sugar. While the product placement does play a role in these impulse buys, it’s really the color that attracts your eye and appeals to the brain in the first place. You can produce a similar effect with your customers if your content writing service helps you effectively implement the right colors into your brand and website.

A Color for Everything

Everywhere you look, you will find colors that attract the eye and elicit specific feelings. It’s important to put a lot of thought into the colors you use and what you want your readers to think about your company. If you want to improve your conversion rate, it’s important to know the basics regarding what colors elicit which emotions. The following is a basic guide of colors and the emotions they create in consumers:

  • Red – The color of energy and elicits a sense of urgency.
  • Orange – An aggressive color that can be seen as cheerful. Perfect for calls to action.
  • Yellow – This color generates optimism and grabs attention.
  • Green – The color of wealth and growth. It’s also easy on the eyes.
  • Blue – Helps readers feel trust and exudes strength and dependability.
  • Purple – A soothing color that can reflect creativity.
  • Pink – This color is considered romantic and feminine. It’s ideal for marketing to women and young girls.
  • Black – A powerful, sleek color, ideal when combined with other colors.

These colors come in a variety of shades, each of which creates slightly different variations of these basic emotions.

Color’s Effect on Spending

Another area in which color can play a role in your website conversion rate is their effect on spending. Studies have shown certain colors relate to specific spending habits and can help guide your customers in their purchasing decisions on a subconscious level. For instance, black is considered the color of sophistication, while blue helps people feel you are trustworthy and dependable. Burgundy elicits a feeling of being rich and refined, green attracts eco-friendly individuals and orange can show fairness and affordability. Your content writing company can help you select the right color combination to best suit your needs and attract your audience.

A Little Trial and Error

If you want to improve your conversion rate, you may have to try several color combinations before you find the right one. Even if you are aware of the basic colors you want to use, adjusting the shades you choose can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rate and how consumers feel about your business.

Color plays a major role in psychology, especially when it comes to sales. Take a look around at the various brands that are most well-known, as well as the products you often buy. Even if you don’t make a conscious decision to buy something based on the colors you see, they are always at work in the back of your mind. If you want to know how to increase your conversion rate, it may be well worth it to take a deeper look at the colors you are using and whether they are doing what you need them to.

If you’re interested in boosting your conversion rate, contact us. We can help you create a brand your customers feel they can trust.