Promoting Your Blog and Content Marketing Through LinkedIn

Talk to your marketing content writer about using LinkedIn.
Your marketing content writer can help you promote on LinkedIn.

Many companies bypass LinkedIn as their social media of choice because they don’t understand the value in it. However, quality website content writing services understand the importance of using this tool, especially if you are a B2B business. Hiring expert writers to help promote your blog and other content marketing elements on LinkedIn will provide more traffic and increase your sales.

Post Daily

Working with a content writing company will ensure you are placing posts on your LinkedIn account on a daily basis. Unlike other social media sites, posting once a day is sufficient and you can skip weekend days, unless your industry is particularly busy on the weekends. Make sure the titles you use are less than 70 characters and your descriptions are limited to no more than 250 characters. This will prevent words from being cut off, leaving readers to wonder if the link is worth opening. Posts should also include an image or video and post as early in the day as possible for the best results.

Build a Following

While anyone can see your posts if your profile is public, it’s useful to build a following to put your content in front of your readers more quickly. A marketing content writer can help you create posts designed to attract the attention of your audience and encourage them to follow you. This means they will receive notification whenever you make a new post, ensuring they see it immediately. The best way to build followers is to reach out to connections within your industry. You may be able to find these individuals more easily through other social media sites and then find them on LinkedIn.

Make Use of Groups

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect to other like-minded individuals through the use of groups. With the help of a creative content writer, you can create a group for individuals in your industry to give them a chance to discuss important topics. If you start a group, make sure you answer all inquiries and comments. Likewise, you should check out other related groups in your industry and answer posts there. This will put your name in front of more people who may not otherwise encounter your business, further expanding your reach.

Use the Publications List

LinkedIn offers an important tool for promoting the content you create for your blog and other purposes online. Make sure you are posting every aspect of your content marketing to this area. You can then hyperlink to the content so users can quickly access them. Your marketing content writer should also develop a call-to-action designed to attract attention to each post so you can increase the number of people who are likely to click through to your site.

Consider Sponsored Updates

Free advertising is always good, but sometimes you need to reach a little further with sponsored advertising. LinkedIn allows you to purchase sponsored updates that work similar to pay-per-click advertising. As long as your content is attractive, you can generate traffic through this method. However, it often isn’t a good option for smaller businesses operating on a limited budget. As your business grows, you can add this aspect of LinkedIn marketing to further expand your efforts.

Keep Your Content Interesting

The best way to promote your website on any social media site is to keep it interesting. Working with expert content writers will ensure you are making the most of your chosen platform. Hiring a creative content writer will increase the chances they will take what you consider an average topic and turn it into something your audience will want to read.

Creating content is an essential element of a successful website and business. However, you also need to find ways to promote that content to capture the attention of your target audience and ensure they come back for more. LinkedIn may be primarily a networking social media site, but a content writing company understands the importance of using it to promote your business, especially when you operate as a B2B. With the right help, you can use your LinkedIn account to drive more traffic and increase your sales.

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