Tricks for Expanding Your Marketing Email List

Learn how to expand your marketing email list.
You can take steps to expand your marketing email list.

While some businesses have given up on email marketing, it is still a valid way to reach your target audience. If you can build email lists through an email sign up form or other methods, you can deliver pieces of your business right into your customer’s inboxes on a regular basis. However, you may not know how to get email addresses from your customers, which can make it difficult to build your marketing email list. These tips can help you effectively expand your lists to reach more people.

Offer Something in Exchange

One of the best ways to generate more opt-in email leads is to offer readers something in exchange for the information. The goal is to find something of value they will be happy to part with their name and email address for. An ebook is an excellent choice to provide more in-depth information that will appeal to your readers.

Add QR Codes to Printed Materials

QR codes are similar to UPC codes, but they are designed to be read by smartphones. When someone scans one of these codes, they will be immediately directed to the webpage you designated when it was designed. If you designate a landing page that requests contact information from your readers, you have a good chance of receiving email addresses through this method. However, it’s important to make sure the landing page is attractive and informative.

Create an Online Contest

Whether you promote the contest on your website or your social media pages, giving something away for free can be an excellent way to get email addresses from interested parties. Simply create an email sign up form for contestants to fill out. They won’t mind providing the information in exchange for an opportunity to win and you will gain more opt-in email leads without too much effort. As long as your giveaway is attractive, you will grow your list.

Collect Info at Tradeshows

If your industry holds tradeshows, this can be an excellent opportunity to grow your marketing email list. You can set out sign-up sheets that allow individuals to sign up to receive updates regarding your company or you give your employees tablets they can use to enter this information. Regardless of the methods you use to capture the information, the personal touch of interacting with your employees can increase the chances potential customers are willing to share.

Use Videos to Attract an Audience

Internet users are more likely to watch a video than they are to read written content. When used properly, these videos can be a great way to encourage your visitors to leave their email address so you can send them your marketing materials. If they are interested by what they see, they are more likely to fill out a form, providing this valuable information.

Convert Direct Mailing

If you’re still using direct mailings in an attempt to reach new customers, you can leverage this opportunity to encourage recipients to go digital instead. Many people would prefer to read an email than receive what they perceive as “junk mail.” Adding a line with a link to sign up for an email newsletter can be a great way to build up your list of email addresses.

Cultivate Older Lists

Some businesses have older email marketing lists they no longer use. Comparing this list to your current one may highlight emails that aren’t on your current lists. Sending these individuals emails encouraging them to opt into your new list could give your current marketing email list the boost it needs to reach more people.

Host a Webinar

People are more likely to trust a company that can provide the latest, most up-to-date information. Hosting a webinar can help establish your business as a leader in the field so they feel you are trustworthy and can satisfy their needs. You may even want to join forces with a complementary company so you can both build email lists.

Email marketing can be an effective tool if you use it properly. If you don’t know how to get email addresses from your current and prospective customers, there are many options from which you can choose. The goal is to show your visitors you can provide the information they are looking for so they feel confident giving you their email address. No one wants to get a lot of spam. It’s up to you to prove you won’t clog their email with useless messages.

If you’re looking for a company to help you gain opt-in email leads, contact us. We can help you build email lists and provide them with the valuable content they are looking for.