Video Content Marketing Is on the Rise

Are you reaching your visitors with video content marketing?
Video content marketing is becoming more popular.

Websites with video content typically do better than those that rely heavily on written content to share ideas with their visitors. However, many businesses fail to look into the use of video content marketing. If you aren’t sure how to implement videos into your content, hiring online video content providers can give you the competitive edge in your industry.

A Fast-Growing Marketing Tactic

In 2014, the number of businesses using branded video content on their website jumped to 76 percent. Only a little more than half of businesses were using video content creation in 2011. This is an incredible jump in just two years. This indicates creating videos has become necessary to ensure you can effectively reach your target audience.

Automatically Engage Your Audience

Audience engagement is one of the most important purposes of your content marketing plan. Many Internet users are looking for information they can get quickly and easily. The shorter attention span means they rarely want to spend the time reading through content. They would rather watch a quick video and absorb the information in this manner. Individuals are more likely to leave comments on videos than blog posts as well.

Videos Go Viral

In addition to encouraging individuals to leave comments, video content marketing increases the chances viewers will want to share the content. We’ve all heard about great videos that have gone viral, attracting the attention of thousands and sometimes millions of viewers. While not all video content will achieve this level of success, working with experienced online video content providers will increase your chances of sharing your business with a much larger audience.

Keep It Simple

Many small businesses feel video content creation is well outside their reach. If you think creating and posting videos is beyond your budget, you might want to think again. Videos don’t have to be complex to be successful. All you need is someone to write an informative voiceover, choose relevant branded images and put the video together. Many content marketing companies offer this service to their clients, providing affordable options that can help expand your reach.

A Variety of Options

Branded video content can be used in a number of ways. Just like your other content, including blog posts and website content, you can use a variety of formats to appeal to a larger portion of your target audience. Some of the common choices for videos include:

  • Instructional
  • Interviews
  • Tips
  • Tours
  • Event Promotions
  • Demonstrations
  • Testimonials

Regardless of the type of video you choose to create, be sure to include a call-to-action at the end. This important element should be a part of all your marketing materials. It is much easier to get creative with your content so you can better attract the attention of your target audience and help them remember you.

The Perfect Partner to Social Media

Another growing marketing option for businesses is social media. When you create new video content, it’s important to share it on other social media sites. Individuals who follow you on social media are often attracted to quality videos and are more likely to share it when it’s found on social media due to the ease of use. This is also a great way to reach your mobile audience, allowing you to make the most of your videos across multiple channels.

A Conversational Tone

While you should create a conversational tone in all of your content, it’s much harder to portray it in the written word. Video content marketing allows you to start a conversation with your viewers and make them feel like you are talking directly to them. This can be a valuable asset when you’re trying to make a good impression with prospective customers.

Websites with video content are becoming more popular than those that strictly use written content. While a mixture of the two can provide the results you’re looking for, if you aren’t using branded video content, now is the time to start weaving it into your overall content marketing plan. This versatile marketing tactic can help you more effectively reach your target audience to increase your chances of making a positive impression.

If you’re looking for online video content providers, contact us. Our experienced team can help you develop effective videos your viewers will want to share.