How to Begin a PPC Campaign & How It Can Increase Business

Learn how to maximize your pay-per-click advertising.
Your pay-per-click advertising can help increase your sales when done correctly.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an effective method of reaching your target audience while keeping your advertising costs low. This can be one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses because you only have to pay for the users who click on your links, not everyone who sees the ad. Learning how to start a PPC campaign and how it can increase your sales will help you maximize your marketing efforts.

How to Market Your Business with PPC

The first step in marketing your business using PPC is to set up your campaign. When you first sign up for an account on Google AdWords, they will ask a series of questions to help set up your account. For instance, you’ll have to decide if you want search based ads, brand awareness display ads or a combination of the two. If you aren’t sure which type will be most effective, it’s best to choose a combination.

After deciding on the campaign type, you will move on to creating ad groups within your campaign. These groups will determine the target group for each ad, as well as create the ads that will display. Each ad will be constructed with four parts:

  • Headline
  • URL
  • First Line
  • Second Line

You will also need to choose your keywords, which will affect which Internet users see your ads. When someone searches for your chosen terms, your ad will appear in their search results. If they click on it, you will pay the bid price for the advertisement.

Splitting Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns

As you develop your campaigns, it’s important to split them up to ensure you reach the right people and keep within your budget. First of all, it’s crucial to set goals for all aspects of your PPC campaign. Remember, you can’t expect to do it all with your first campaign during the first month. You may also want to split up your campaign by category, campaign type and budget. This will allow you to reach the largest number of people within your demographic and ensure your PPC strategy provides the benefits you expect.

Tips for Your PPC Campaign

Knowing how to market your business isn’t something that usually comes naturally. It takes a lot of work to bring your business to the forefront and ensure you are advertising to the right people. These tips can help you make the most of your marketing strategies for small businesses, particularly PPC.

Set Goals

The most important aspect of any marketing campaign is to set appropriate goals. When you set goals, you are better able to determine the success of your marketing campaign. To help you set your goals, ask yourself what you want your campaign to accomplish, how much you are willing to pay and what you want your visitors to do.

Choose Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important aspects of successful pay-per-click advertising. When it comes to keywords, you can choose two tactics. The first is to focus on the same keywords your competitors are using, which may cost more but will provide maximum results. However, you can also get creative and choose alternative keywords. Choosing long tail keywords will also help you stand apart. The most important thing is to think like your customers and choose the words they are most likely to use to find you.

Set up the Right Landing Page

Some companies create one generic landing page and connect all of their PPC advertising to it. This can be a serious mistake. Instead, you need to create separate landing pages for each ad so your visitors land on a page that relates to the keywords they entered. Using the wrong landing page will increase your bounce rate and decrease the efficiency of your marketing.

Monitor Your Campaign

Creating your campaign isn’t the end of your work. You will need to keep a close eye on the progress of your campaign and make adjustments as necessary. Sometimes you will need to change your targets, while other times you may need to conduct an overhaul of the entire ad or its landing page.

Knowing how to start a PPC campaign and what you can expect from it is important to ensure your marketing success. Pay-per-click is one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses when used correctly. However, making mistakes can cost your business money instead of providing valuable leads.

If you’re looking for help with pay-per-click advertising, contact us. We can help you build a campaign and its corresponding content to attract your target audience.