How to Keep Your SEO Growing While Redesigning Your Website

Improve your SEO results with SEO content writing services.
SEO content writing services can keep your SEO results growing.

Whether you are redesigning your website out of preference or necessity, it’s important to find ways to protect the SEO you’ve worked so hard to build. SEO content writing services put a lot into improving your site rankings; the last thing you want to do is have to start over just because you chose to redesign your website in order to make it more appealing to your users. A professional article writing service can make sure your site is ready for the change.

Changing URLs

One of the most difficult aspects of implementing a new design without negatively impacting your SEO results is the change of URLs. If you are keeping the same primary URL, only the extensions will change. However, if you are doing a full redesign and your entire URL will be affected, the changes will have a much larger impact on your results. Your SEO article writing service will have to help you either redirect the traffic to the new URLs or any links you use in your content will need to be redone.

Choosing New Keywords

A website redesign is the ideal time to focus on some new keywords. If you are going to choose new keywords, web content writing services may suggest completely rewriting your content to provide fresh information to your readers. Before you start the redesign process, it’s useful to complete keyword research, including checking into the keywords your competitors are focusing on, to determine the best options to reach your target audience. Even if your SEO article writing service doesn’t completely rewrite the content, implementing your newest keywords is a fast, easy way to attract your target audience and improve your SEO.

Use Tags in Your Content

If you’ve never used SEO article writing services to develop your website before, the redesign stage is a good time to address all of the elements of good SEO on your website. This includes adding meta tags to your images and a keyword-rich meta description on each of your pages. It is also a good time to implement alt tags on your images. This information will help the search engines rank your content, as well as attract the traffic you need to be successful online. Going back and adding these tags can be tedious, but if you’re making other changes already, it’s a good time to take these steps.

Develop a Friendly Navigation Structure

Your website needs to be user-friendly if you want to decrease your bounce rate and increase the number of repeat visits to your site. As your professional article writing service helps you redesign your website, they should pay careful attention to the navigation on your site. While the main navigation is essential to help readers move from one main area of your site to another, using links is also critical. Link building with internal links allows you to help your readers move naturally through your website. This means only linking to other relevant pages.

Check Incoming Links

While it’s obvious you need to change your own internal links and any links you have posted, others may have posted links to your website without your knowledge. These invalid links can cause problems once your redesign is complete. Therefore, it’s important to check where your incoming links are generating from and reach out to the owners of those sites to ask them to change the links. Redirects can be helpful, but it’s best to use links that lead directly to the pages.

You work hard at your SEO and need to make sure your redesign won’t negatively impact your search engine optimization. Experienced web content writing services are familiar with the challenges a redesign can create with your site rankings. The important thing is to make sure your SEO article writing service works with you to grow your SEO and continue to improve your site rankings as you move to a fresh new look that will appeal to your users.

If you’re looking for experienced SEO content writing services to help you optimize your new website design, contact us. We can help you make sure your new site is ready to produce the results you want.