Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Could Be Affecting Your Website Conversion Rates

Improve your website conversion rate by cleaning up spelling and grammar errors.
Expert writers can help you improve your website conversion rate.

Have you ever wondered whether spelling and grammar mistakes have an impact on your rankings or website conversion rate? While these errors don’t currently play a role in your site rankings, they certainly do affect your conversion rate, as well as your traffic numbers. This is why it’s so important to work with expert writers from a professional content writing service.


One of the biggest reasons proper spelling and grammar can improve your conversion rate is its readability. Poor spelling and bad grammar can both have an impact on someone’s ability to fully understand what you’re trying to say with your content. If visitors can’t determine what you’re trying to say, they aren’t going to spend the extra time figuring it out; instead, they will turn to a competitor who has more eloquently portrayed their message.

Your Reputation

You rely on your website to give your reputation a boost. Creative content writers can help you create valuable, informative content that also entertains your readers. However, if that content is riddled with errors in your spelling and grammar, it can reflect negatively on your business as a whole and do damage to your reputation. While you can overcome a negative reputation with a lot of hard work, you will spend far more on reputation repair than you would have originally spent to have an editor or other professional go over your work before you post it.

An Expert in Your Field

Your website and blog are intended to showcase your business as a leader in your industry. This means you need to put forth a pristine image. When your content contains misspelled words and glaring grammar errors, your readers are going to wonder about your level of professionalism. Expert writers take care with your writing and will make sure every piece of content is free of errors before they post it to your website or blog.

Reader Experience

Visitors to your website quickly develop an impression of your business based on their experiences. If they have difficulty reading what you’ve posted to your site, they aren’t going to feel confident in your ability to satisfy their needs. This means you won’t be their first choice when they’re ready to make a purchase. This will have a negative impact on your website conversion rate.

How You Can Avoid These Issues

A professional content writing service can help you avoid making serious spelling and grammar mistakes in your content. In addition to using creative content writers, they typically also employ editors who will look over the work and ensure it’s suitable for publishing before you post it to your website or blog. You should also be ready to correct any errors you identify as quickly as possible once the content has been published. This will reduce the number of people who are exposed to the mistakes and therefore improve your conversion rate.

What About the Comments?

Many blogs allow users to comment on posts as a way to engage readers and encourage more people to read. Unfortunately, you have no control over the spelling and grammar contained in these posts. However, it’s unlikely these would have much of an impact on your site’s performance. As long as your own content and comments are free of error, there’s no cause for concern if your readers aren’t as prudent with their writing.

Though Google and the other search engines aren’t concerned with whether your spelling and grammar are pristine, your readers will be. Therefore, it’s important to hire expert writers who run their work through editors to reduce the risk of posting errors directly to your site. Your reputation relies on making a positive impression on your readers. If they find spelling or blatant grammar errors on your site, they will have a more difficult time trusting you and are more likely to rely on your competitors instead.

If you’re looking for a professional content writing service to help you keep your website and blog error-free, contact us. We can create the valuable, informative your customers are looking for so they know they can count on you.