Hashtags: Their Impact on Reader Engagement and Retweets

Talk to social media content writers about the proper use of hashtags.
Social media content writers can help you tap into the power of hashtags.

If you’ve already engaged in social media posting, you likely noticed the hashtags everyone uses in their posts. These Twitter hashtags were created to help individuals easily search Twitter for comments relating to a specific topic. Today, businesses can use this feature to improve hashtag search capabilities so they can more effectively reach their target audience. When you work with social media content writers, they will help you harness the power of hashtags so you can make the most of Twitter marketing.

The Power of Hashtags

Many people find hashtags to be cumbersome and don’t want to deal with learning how to use them correctly. However, you’re missing out on amazing opportunities if you aren’t using hashtags. Social media writers understand the importance of using them, which means you need to work with a company that can help you achieve that. What began as a useful way to connect conversations together on Twitter has become a trend that follows to other social media sites, including Facebook, Google+, Instagram and more. While they don’t serve the same purpose, they have become an important part of marketing your business online.

Increase Your Engagement

One of the biggest reasons to use hashtags is to increase your level of engagement with your readers. In fact, studies have shown businesses that use hashtags experience more than twice the engagement on Twitter than those that don’t use them. However, it’s important to use hashtags properly to avoid hurting your level of engagement you’ve worked so hard to obtain. For instance, Tweets that use one or two hashtags have 21 percent higher levels of engagement than Tweets that use three or more in a post. For this reason, it’s important to limit your use of hashtags to one or two per post.

People are more likely to retweet when you use Twitter hashtags.
Twitter hashtags increase the odds of retweeting.

What About Retweets?

Social media content writers strive to create posts that will encourage your readers to share it on their own feeds. The proper use of hashtags can help promote this practice. In fact, the use of hashtags can increase your retweet rate by more than 50 percent. This means you are much more likely to reach more people with just a simple Tweet than you could on your own. This is perhaps one of the biggest driving factors behind implementing social media into your online marketing plan. However, hashtags don’t just have a positive impact on sharing on Twitter; it works on other social media sites as well.

Do your social media writers use hashtags?
Talk to your social media writers about the use of hashtags.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use for a Post?

This is one of the biggest questions many businesses ask social media writers. The answer is simple. If you’re creating posts for Twitter, you should use no more than one or two hashtags. If you use more than this, you will clutter the page and make it more difficult to understand. In addition, too many hashtags will feel more like spam, which can have a negative impact on your number of followers. However, the number of hashtags you use isn’t the only thing you need to understand when using hashtags for your Tweets. Some of the other rules include:

  • Keep your hashtags short. They shouldn’t make up a large percentage of your Tweets.
  • Use a suitable hashtag. Check for the existence of the hashtags you use to ensure people will be able to find them.
  • Don’t use spaces or punctuation. Hashtags should not have spaces or punctuation or they won’t work the way they were intended.

The effective use of Twitter hashtags can increase your exposure and encourage greater engagement among your readers. Hashtags make it easy to search for topics in which you are interested, allowing individuals who may need your products or services to more easily find you. To achieve this goal, it’s best to work with social media writers to help you learn how to use hashtags properly, as well as which ones will produce the results you want.

If you’re looking for social media content writers to help you manage your Twitter account, contact us. We can help you create engaging posts using hashtags that encourage your readers to share them.