Quantity versus Quality: The Relationship of Keywords and Successful SEO

SEO content writing services understand the importance of proper keyword use.
SEO content writing services can help you effectively use keywords.

You may recognize the importance of using keywords, but do you really understand the relationship between the keywords you choose and the success of your SEO content strategy? If you aren’t working with SEO content writing services, you could be completely missing out on traffic because you’re focusing on the wrong area. Understanding the relationship of keywords and a successful SEO keyword search will help you determine your best course of action and measure the success of your SEO article writing service.

Placement Is the Most Important Factor

Even more important than the number of keywords you use is their placement. If you’ve ever read through content that was stuffed with keywords to a point the sentences didn’t make much sense, you have witnessed the negative effects of focusing on quantity over quality in SEO. Today’s search engines are more interested in making sure their users receive links that provide valuable information and are easy to read than they are with making sure a certain keyword is used a specific number of times. For this reason, your SEO article writing service should produce informative content and worry about the keywords as a secondary factor.

Don’t Focus on Too Many Keywords

You might quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of keywords for which you would like your site to rank. When you’re poring over the list, make sure you eliminate any shorter keywords that will result in a larger number of competitors. Instead, focus on long-tailed keywords. A long-tail keyword is a longer phrase that relates to your topic but is more likely to produce better results. In addition to choosing longer phrases in general, you may want to place your geographic location at the beginning or end of the phrase to further narrow your audience. This is particularly useful for businesses that target a local audience.

Long-tailed keywords are the key to your success.

Make Sure They’re Relevant

In addition to choosing a shorter list of keywords on which to focus, it’s important to make sure every word or phrase you choose is completely relevant to the page on which you use it. Sometimes businesses are so focused on using a specific keyword they make sure it appears on every page. However, good SEO content writing services will tell you this is one of the fastest ways to turn the search engines away from your page. Their algorithms are designed to detect relevance. Using irrelevant keywords on even one page can have dramatic results in your overall SEO rankings.

Google Is Looking for Answers

In the past, search engines were designed to pick up on the keywords individuals entered into the search bar. The page that had the most instances of those words or phrases would appear at the top of the results. However, search engines have evolved, just like all other elements of technology. Today’s search engines are smarter. When individuals enter a question or specific search terms and hit the search button, they expect to get results that will answer their questions. For this reason, your SEO article writing service needs to focus on writing for your audience, not the search engines. These are the pages that are most likely to produce results.

An SEO article writing service can help you harness the power of keywords.

Keywords Aren’t Irrelevant Yet

Even though it’s best to move your focus away from keywords in terms of quantity, they do still play a significant role in your content marketing. It’s important for your keywords to appear in the title of your web pages and blog posts, as well as in your image tags and other important elements. What has changed is the need to focus on how often you use keywords. Keyword density is no longer your main concern. Sometimes strategically placing long-tailed keywords once on a website page is all you need to capture attention.

Search engines have evolved to a point where keyword quantity is no longer relevant. Instead, it’s important to focus on the quality of those keywords, along with the content in which you use it. An SEO article writing service understands the delicate relationship of keywords and a successful SEO keyword search and can help implement the right tactics into your content.

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