Content Writers Can Help You Harness the Power of Your LinkedIn Profile

Create an effective LinkedIn profile with the help of content writers.
Content writers can help you create an effective LinkedIn profile

Social media has become one of the leading methods of advertising online. While most businesses focus on Facebook and Twitter, individuals can typically benefit from the use of a LinkedIn business profile as a method of advertising yourself. There are other advantages to using LinkedIn. Experienced website content writers use these LinkedIn profile tips to help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Use a Photo

LinkedIn profiles that don’t have an image attached are much less likely to get the attention of visitors than those that use a professional photo. The best LinkedIn profiles feature a professional-grade image that exudes a sense of importance and ensures visitors you are serious about your work. For instance, any images you use should be on a neutral, professional background with no distractions. A distracting photo can be just as damaging to your online success as not including one at all.

Focus on Your Headline

Like many other aspects of your marketing, your headline needs to be attention-grabbing. In most cases, this will be the first interaction individuals will have with your branding so you need to make sure it projects that perfectly. You want to make sure your headline closely reflects what you do and why you stand out. Viewers should be able to easily identify your strengths based on your headline alone.

Attract attention by becoming one of the best LinkedIn profiles.
The best LinkedIn profiles attract attention.

Summarize Yourself

Beyond the headline, content writers understand the importance of summarizing yourself and what you have to offer in a succinct, yet detailed manner. In general, your summary should be at least 40 words, preferably longer, because these are the best LinkedIn profiles for recruiters to find. While it can be tempting to use some vague buzz words in your summary, it’s best to avoid them altogether.  It’s important to highlight your most beneficial assets in this section of your LinkedIn business profile.

Get Personal

Many people work hard to separate their professional life from their home life. However, when you are working with website content writers to create the best LinkedIn profile, it can be helpful to get a little personal. While you don’t have to mention your family, adding some facts about your personal life can make you seem more human. For instance, mention your hobbies, volunteer work you have completed or your latest accomplishments, such as completing a marathon or completing a photography course. Not only will this information help you make a deeper connection, but it can also show drive and initiative, both valuable assets in the business world.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

It’s easy to say a lot in your LinkedIn profile, but it’s important to make sure you really show visitors so they can feel more confident in your skills and what you bring to the table. If you’ve created or given presentations, add them to your profile so others can see proof of your work. You can upload documents, videos and more, right to your profile page so they are accessible to everyone. When you show them proof of what you say, they are more likely to trust in you.

Pay close attention to your LinkedIn business profile.
Your LinkedIn business profile is important.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

The best LinkedIn profiles don’t leave anything blank, which gives visitors plenty of room for doubt. As you go through the set-up process, don’t forget to answer everything. If you truly don’t have an answer for something, don’t make something up to avoid having a blank space; just be sure you have a good reason to leave it blank.

Use Keywords

Most business professionals are well aware of the importance of keywords in website content, blog posts and other elements of online advertising.  However, it’s important to realize their importance in your LinkedIn profile as well. Implementing the right keywords into your profile will increase the chances you will be found.

LinkedIn business profile requires special attention to ensure you portray yourself in the most professional manner possible. If you aren’t including the right information or haven’t used website content writers to help you craft quality content using the most effective keywords, you may not garner the attention you’re looking for through this social media platform.

If you’re looking for help in creating the best LinkedIn profile to make a positive impression, contact us. We can provide the valuable services you need improve your profile and make a difference.