Copywriting Services versus Content Writing: There Is a Difference

Advertising copywriting varies from content for a website.
Content for a website is much different than advertising copywriting.

In general, the terms online content writers and copywriting services are often used synonymously. However, did you know they actually mean two different things? In the world of online marketing, it may seem like the content for a website blurs the lines between information and advertising, which can make defining these terms even more complicated. Once you answer the question, “what is website copywriting?” you will be able to more easily tell the difference to help you make the most of your content marketing plan.

What Is the Key Difference?

While there are many subtle differences, there is one clear differentiating factor between copywriting services and online content writers. Content writers, on one hand, are responsible for creating content for blogs and websites where sales language isn’t typically required. They are mainly tasked with writing informative content that attracts prospective customers and helps you gain the trust of these individuals. Copywriting services, on the other hand, create advertising copy, such as whitepapers, brochures and sales letters. When it boils down, the primary difference lies in informing versus selling.

Telling vs. Advising

The first way copywriters and content writers differ is in how they present the information at hand. Content writers are more likely to create blog posts, website content and social media posts, sharing the information your potential customers need to answer their questions and satisfy their needs. The goal is to tell people what they want to know. Copywriting is designed to advise readers on what they should do next. Copywriters will create content that tells those who read it how to handle their problem and why they should turn to you.

Sell your business with copywriting services.
Copywriting services can help you sell your business.

Knowledge vs. Promotion

All businesses want to promote themselves as a way to bring in more customers and generate more sales. However, the content for a website shouldn’t be created with too much sales language. Consumers don’t like to read a website that seems to be written from a promotional perspective. They would rather use the Internet to gather information that will ultimately help them make a purchasing decision. For this reason, online content writers are more focused on informing readers and expanding their knowledge than they are in promoting a company. The promotional aspect is a secondary effect of well-written informational content.

Engagement vs. Sales

Businesses need to have more than one goal in their content marketing plan. Your short-term goals should revolve around the sales content is able to generate. This goal can be met by copywriting services that create promotional content for advertising purposes. However, you should also focus on establishing long-term engagement from your customers and prospects. Online content writers can do this through the various types of content they can create. Whether they’re writing content for blogs or for your website, their goal should be reaching your readers on a personal level and encouraging them to interact with your business, either by leaving comments, filling out a form or completing any other action you ask them to do.

Talk to online content writers about your writing strategy.
Online content writers can help you create an effective strategy.

Consider Your Objective When Making a Decision

Even after learning the differences between online content writers and copywriting services, you may struggle with determining which option best suits your needs. You can find the answer in your overall objectives. If you are interested in increasing your sales, copywriting services are your best solution. However, if you want to create a better relationship with your readers, a content writer may be a better idea. For many businesses, a combination of the two is ideal to ensure all of your needs are met.

When you think of your content marketing plan, it’s important to clearly understand the differences between online content writers and copywriting services.  Even though many people use the two terms interchangeably, they really mean different things. Knowing which one will help you better meet your goals will ensure your business performs as well as you want it to.

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