Website Images Can Make or Break Interest in Your Blog

The right images for websites generate success.
Images for websites can dictate their level of success.

Have you ever visited another blog or website and seen an image that made you scratch your head or wonder what the poster was thinking? This is the last thing you want to do with the images for your websites. Most companies are aware of the need for images to go with their blog posts, but many don’t realize just how important it is to choose the right images. Working with blog marketing services that use royalty free stock photos can help you find the perfect picture to go with all of your topics, helping you increase your following.

Make Sure They’re Relevant

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing images that are irrelevant to the content of the post. Experienced online content writers know how to think outside the box while keeping the images as relevant as possible. Individuals may become bored with obvious images so it’s necessary to make sure you are choosing creative ones that still get the message across. Remember, some of your readers will get more out of your images than the written content itself.

Use More

When it comes to images for websites, more is always better. Today’s Internet users are more visual than in years past. Many consumers aren’t looking for written content they will need to spend time reading. Instead, they are looking for images and videos that tell a story without making the effort to read. The more relevant images you use for your blog post, the more likely you will attract more repeat visitors to your website. However, keep in mind you don’t want your blog to be too cluttered with images, requiring a delicate balance between enough and too many.

Make your readers think with the help of images from online content writers.
Online content writers can use images to make your readers think.

Consider Graphs and Charts

Most blog marketing services will choose photos as your images because they tell a story and help individuals relate to the content. However, these aren’t the only kinds of images you should consider using. Graphs and charts allow you to visually represent the data within the content so those who choose not to read can still obtain the information they require. These images are filled with valuable information in a form that appeals to more individuals.

Pay Attention to the Size

The size of your images can play a dramatic role in the effectiveness of your blog posts. Online content writers can help you place your images in a more noticeable position without taking up too much space on the page. Not only will overly large images take away from the written content, but they will also take longer to load, which can actually drive people away from your website.

Blog marketing services understand the importance of image placement.

Choose the Correct Alignment

The position of the pictures you use on your blog may seem irrelevant, but research shows it matters. Instead of aligning any of your images in the center of the page, make sure you set the alignment to the right or the left. The reason for this is simple. Images serve to guide the eye throughout the blog post. If they are in the center of the page, readers may have trouble relating the images to the written content. When images are aligned to the right or left, the content will seem easier to read and more relevant.

Use Images with People

Individuals want to feel like they relate to the content they are reading. One of the best ways to help them relate is to choose royalty free stock photos that feature people. While you don’t need to choose pictures that include people all of the time, it will help those who read your blogs feel more connected to the content, luring them back to read more later.

Images for websites are extremely important. When it comes to your blog, blog marketing services can help you choose the right images to portray the message you are trying to get across to your readers. As your online content writers work toward building a successful blog, these tips can help ensure you choose the right pictures to share the message and attract a larger target audience.

If you’re looking for online content writers to help you create more engaging blog posts that include images, contact us. We can help you create the content, as well as choose royalty free stock photos to go with them.