Your Homepage Is Your First Impression: Content Writers Can Help You Perfect It

Quality web content is essential for your homepage.

Your homepage is often the first interaction individuals have with your business’s website. For this reason, you really need to focus on putting quality web content front and center. Unfortunately, many companies just aren’t sure what content for websites really requires. This is why it can be beneficial to hire SEO content writers who have experience in creating the type of content you need to attract your audience and keep them coming back to you.

How Much Copy Do You Need?

In general, your homepage doesn’t have to be long. In fact, short and to the point is the preference of many web content writers. So how short should your homepage content be? Most content writers recommend keeping content to 300 words or less. The goal is to tell your readers who you are and what you stand for and allow them to click on the other pages of your website to learn more. Too much content can quickly drive them away rather than produce the results you’re looking for.

Talk to your web content writers about creating quality homepage content.
Web content writers can help you attract more people to your website.

What Produces the Best Results?

In addition to understanding the proper length for your homepage content, it’s important to consider the various types of content you could create. The fastest way to drive individuals away from your site, never to return, is to write highly promotional content. Your homepage, as well as the other pages on your website, should never be promotional in nature. This isn’t to say the content can’t sell your business to your customers, but it must be done in a subtle manner to produce the results you want. Instead of creating promotional content, make sure you use the following techniques to increase the likelihood more visitors will actually read the content:

  • Keep it concise. Shorter content has a 58 percent chance of being read.
  • Create a scannable layout. If readers can scan the contents, they will read it about 46 percent of the time.
  • Use objective language. Being factual ensures your content is read about 27 percent of the time.

When your freelance writers combine these three tactics, your visitors are incredibly likely to read the content and have a high chance of moving on to read other pages on your website as well.

Focus on the Value

When creating content for websites, it’s important to avoid sales language as much as possible because most consumers are turned off by this method of promoting your business, particularly on your website. Instead, you need to make sure you focus on the needs of your customers and why your business can offer them value. If your readers feel they can trust you to fulfill their needs or help them solve their problems, they are more likely to turn to you than they would be if they felt you were pressuring them into a sale.

An effective homepage requires good SEO content.
Good SEO content is essential to an effective homepage.

Consider Your Buyers

Before your SEO content writers create your homepage content, it’s important to evaluate who your buyers are. When you know who is most likely to make a purchase from your company, you are better able to present the information your readers are looking for. Buyer personas play a major role in the creation of quality content that will produce the results you want from your website.

Don’t Forget the Call-to-Action

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your homepage content is the call-to-action. Just like any other page on your site, you need to tell your readers what you expect them to do with the information they just read. Encouraging your readers to contact you for more information or to schedule a consultation will increase the chances they will follow through on that request.

Creating quality web content for your homepage is essential to ensure you will experience the success you want online. This is why it’s important to hire SEO content writes to help you create the content you need to make a positive first impression on your visitors. They have the expertise necessary to ensure you attract more potential customers and convert more of them into customers.

If you’re looking for help with content for your websites, contact us. We can provide the quality homepage content you need to make a great first impression with your customers.