Your Online Strategy Should Always Change to Keep Up with Google Analytics

Ensure people can find you with an updated online strategy.
Your online strategy needs to ensure people can find you.

Keeping up with all the changes that take place in Google’s algorithms can be complicated, which is why many businesses don’t even bother. Unfortunately, if you’re using Google Analytics as a marketing tool in your online strategy, you need to stay on top of the latest changes. A content writing service can help you create content for websites that meet these standards to help you maintain your position in the search engines. However, it’s also important for you to understand the differences as well so you can measure the value of your content writers.

Panda Updates

Google has been releasing new Panda updates since 2011 and are often the ones individuals think of when they consider Google’s search algorithm changes. These updates are typically designed to thin out the low-quality content mills that once filled the Internet with keyword rich content for websites, much of which was improperly stuffed with keywords and didn’t provide any real value to those who read them. This updated affected content mills, as well as websites that used a lot of ads as a method of gaining more revenue. Unfortunately, it also impacted many sites that appeared to use spamming techniques but were actually valid websites.

The Panda update was not a one-time change. In fact, Panda involved 27 different pushes, all of which attempted to adjust the algorithm to punish websites that were actually breaking the rules, while providing a little more flexibility for websites that weren’t. There were several smaller updates that led to this major change, but none of them were as big as Panda, nor did they have the same widespread effect. Any businesses that weren’t ready with quality content after the Panda update were left with poor rankings.

Use Google Analytics for your website.
Google Analytics for your website is your most powerful asset.

Penguin Updates

In general, the Penguin updates released by Google in 2012 were designed to reduce or eliminate spam. However, one of the biggest changes this update brought about was how Google Analytics for your website handled linking. Prior to these updates, websites often used backlinking as a way to generate more traffic and give their website a boost in their rankings. After the update was released, websites that used a lot of links or that didn’t focus on using quality, relevant links on their blog posts, webpages and other content saw a vast reduction in their search engine rankings. This has drastically changed the way you have to use links in your content for websites. If you don’t update your online strategy to reflect this change, you will find you don’t obtain the rankings you’re looking for.

Optimize content for websites for mobile devices.
Content for websites should be optimized for mobile.

Mobile Updates

Today, Google is focusing more on the mobile platform. The previous changes completed via Panda and Penguin updates were aimed at improving the quality of the content Internet users encountered online. Because most websites are now adhering to these standards, they are now focusing on the next big thing: mobile Internet use. More people are turning to the Internet to browse and search for information from the businesses they use. This means Google wants to make sure everyone has access to the information they seek, regardless of the type of device they use.

The good news is Google is being less cryptic about what types of changes website owners can expect from their new mobile optimization updates. For instance, in 2011, they released information about their Googlebot-Mobile, which is optimized to detect the quality of a website viewed on a mobile device versus a desktop computer. This was followed by increased support for their PageSpeed tools designed for mobile devices, as well as the introduction of mobile-friendly site descriptions. They will continue to make changes to help businesses more effectively reach their target audience through the mobile devices they are more frequently using.

If you use Google Analytics as a marketing tool, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re staying on top of all the search engine optimization changes Google is making. Hiring a content writing service that recognizes the importance of these changes and knows how to implement them into your online strategy is your best option. Without their help, it can be difficult to manage all aspects of your business, along with your content creation.

If you’re looking for content for your website, contact us. We can help you stay on top of all the changes Google makes and ensure your content offers the quality your readers are looking for.