The psychology of color in marketing is critical to your online success.

How the Psychology of Color Influences Website Sales

Your success relies on good color branding.
Color branding is important to your success.

For many companies, color branding seems to almost be an afterthought. Instead, they focus on selecting the right name and logo. However, the psychology of color in marketing makes choosing the right hues to represent your company a critical step toward a successful marketing campaign. In addition to hiring a content writing service to create content for websites, carefully consider which colors you use and how they will affect your prospective customers’ decisions.

What Is Color Psychology?

In general terms, color psychology refers to the study of how color affects human behaviors. In relation to businesses, it references how the colors businesses choose play a role in whether they attract the appropriate target audience. With a little research and a thorough understanding of who you are trying to target, you increase your chances of increasing your traffic and your conversions.

Female-Specific Products

Targeting women requires different colors than products that target men. While you can use colors from both palettes if you are targeting a mixture of the two sexes, there are certain colors that will be more attractive to women than men, in general. Studies have revealed the most effective colors for marketing to a primarily female audience include shades of blue, purple and green. While most people are under the general impression women prefer pink, studies have shown this isn’t the case. Choosing one of these colors for your primary color or implementing all three into your site design will improve your performance among the female demographic.

Male-Specific Products

Targeting the male persuasion requires a different approach. Blue, green and black are often more powerful at making a good first impression. Using these masculine preferred colors can help you attract a largely male audience and provide them with the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Put together all the marketing pieces with a content writing service.
A content writing service can help you put together the pieces of the puzzle.

A Rainbow of Colors

Even though the above colors have been proven effective at reaching specific demographics, it’s important to consider the power of every other color on the palette. Once you consider your goals, you will be better able to choose the right hues to share your message.


Black is known to elicit a sense of power and luxury in consumers. This makes black the ideal color for companies marketing high-end, luxury products to an upscale target audience. This color exudes a sense of confidence and is considered a stylish complement to gold and silver.


Optimism and cheerfulness are both important qualities a business may want to share with their customers. This color can help you create feelings of excitement in your customers. This is a great color for call-to-action buttons and other areas that require their attention.


If you want to help your customers feel more relaxed, green is the perfect color. In addition to creating feelings of relaxation, green is typically associated with growth and versatility. This color is easy on the eyes and is commonly used for environmental websites or other sites that require a passionate drive. Green can help your customers feel more comfortable with your business.


You want your customers to trust your business. Blue is typically associated with eliciting these feelings of trust among your prospective target audience. This color is also known to convey a sense of responsibility, efficiency and serenity. Even if you don’t choose blue as your primary color, it makes the perfect accent.


Orange is another bright, cheery color that can create feelings of positive excitement in your website’s visitors. It is also a great hue for drawing attention to important information on a page. In addition, shades of orange can elicit a sense of urgency, encouraging your customers to make a decision.

The psychology of color in marketing is critical to your online success.
Tap into the psychology of color in marketing.

Bright Colors Improve Conversions

Regardless of the primary color you choose for your website, you will often need to use supplemental colors to ensure your website gets the results you’re looking for. Bright colors are proven to elicit higher conversion rates than other colors, which makes them the ideal choice for calls-to-action. Reds, yellows, oranges and greens capture attention and help you reach your sales goals.

The psychology of color in marketing is essential to understand when you’re trying to find your ideal color branding. Website content writers are trained in helping you create the right written content to provide the information your readers need, but a content writing service can also help you consider your color options to create a fluid message.

If you’re looking for a content writing service to help you improve your conversion rate, contact us. We can help you create content and choose other elements that will speak to the right people.