Use the inbound marketing funnel to reach the right people.

Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Marketing Funnel

Use the inbound marketing funnel to reach the right people.
The inbound marketing funnel helps you find the right people.

Funnels are a great way to illustrate your relationship with visitors to your site. Once you are able to visualize this inbound marketing funnel, you will be better able to create an effective inbound marketing strategy to reach each of the levels appropriately. Your content writers will be able to create content for websites that speaks to each visitor, regardless of where they fall in the funnel.

Attract Visitors

Everyone who comes to your website starts off as a stranger. This is the widest part of your content marketing funnel. Your goal at this stage in your inbound marketing strategy is to create valuable content that improves your search engine rankings. At this point, you need to identify the needs of your prospective customers and determine which people are more likely to fall into this category. This process may take some time, especially if you aren’t an established website.

Turn Visitors into Leads

The next step in your content marketing funnel is to turn your visitors into potential leads. Just because someone visits your website doesn’t mean you are going to reach them on a level that encourages them to return. This is an important area of your inbound marketing strategy. If you can’t keep people coming back to your website, chances are your website won’t be successful. To cater to this portion of your marketing tunnel, be sure to include a call-to-action in all of your blog posts and other content. In addition, you should ask your content writers to create other long-form content, such as white papers, eBooks and brochures. When you have valuable information to share with your readers, they are more likely to see you as a resource they can rely on.

Understand your audience with the content marketing funnel.
A content marketing funnel will help you understand your audience.

Convert Leads into Customers

After you obtain your leads, you need to cultivate those leads to entice them to become your customers. This is the point in the funnel where your marketing team typically hands over the reins to your sales team. However, it’s also important to make sure both teams are on the same page to give prospective customers a seamless experience. If your marketing team promises one thing and your sales team says something entirely different, then you will lose more customers than you gain.

As part of your lead conversion process, it’s important to continue to provide potential customers with information that satisfies their needs. Let them know why you are the best choice to resolve the problem they are experiencing. This can be done through the use of sales calls, as well as the content you create. In addition to content for websites, your content writers can help you put together a newsletter that works to entice your leads to make a final purchasing decision.

Turn leads into sales with the help of content writers.
Content writers can help you turn leads into sales.

Create Buzz

After your readers become customers, your marketing funnel isn’t complete. You can continue to market the same individuals to help put your name in the front of their minds so they return to you when you can satisfy their needs once again. However, this isn’t the only way to work this part of your funnel. Once you have loyal customers, you can use this to your advantage to show other people why you are the smart choice. Marketing to your existing customers helps to create buzz around your business and encourages them to share their experiences with their own family and friends. When you go the extra mile, people will take notice and are more likely to put their trust in you.

Marketing to your target audience can be a complex project. It’s not enough to create informative content for websites and your blog. While this will help give your website the boost it needs to be successful, you need to recognize the need for different types of content for audiences throughout your inbound marketing funnel. It all starts with finding ways to attract new people to your business and ends with encouraging your existing customers to rely on you again.

If you’re looking for content writers to help you with your content marketing funnel, contact us. We can help you create a variety of content types to serve the needs of individuals at all steps within your funnel.