Words to Avoid Using in Website Content: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Your website content should use the right vocabulary.

Strong writing is essential if you want to rank well with the search engines and drive more traffic to your site that is more likely to convert into sales. Which words you use in your website content will play a significant role in your ability to achieve this goal. Whether you work with a professional content writer or you come up with your own website content ideas, it’s important to know which words you should avoid to make your writing as effective as possible.


While this word is sometimes necessary in a sentence, it serves to weaken a sentence when it is used unnecessarily. In order to determine if you should leave the word “that” in a sentence, read it out loud without the term. If the sentence still makes sense without it, leave it out. This is one of the most frequently overused words in written content. A good professional content writer will be sure to leave it out.


You may want to build a sense of trust with your customers, but if you have to tell them you’re honest, chances are you’re not as honest as you think. You may think this word adds emphasis to what you’re trying to say, but it can reflect poorly on your business instead. Don’t leave readers wondering if you really mean what you say.


While “very” is meant to further describe an adjective, it often isn’t beneficial to use in your written content. When you work with a website content writer for hire, they shouldn’t make a habit of using this term. If you feel you need it, consider a more descriptive word instead. For instance, instead of saying something is “very sad,” you can use sullen or melancholy. These words are more powerful.

Make sure your professional content writer doesn't use these words.
A professional content writer knows how to avoid these unnecessary words.


Similar to “very,” the use of “really” isn’t often necessary in clear, concise writing. Instead of qualifying your adjectives with this term, come up with a different word entirely.


Content writing services may be helping you sell your product or service, but that doesn’t mean they can make an absolute statement in many cases. “Always” is an absolute word that leaves no room for error. If you are going to tell your readers they should always use your product, you better be ready to back that up. In most situations, there are other options and “always” shouldn’t be used.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Never say never?” This old cliché holds true in your website content, even today. When you tell your readers they can never do something or something never happens, you are minimizing their experiences. In most cases, you won’t be able to guarantee something will “never” happen.


A professional content writer should work hard to put your topics into words in an efficient manner. For this reason, you shouldn’t use a generic word like “stuff” or “things.” In most cases, there is a much better word you could be using in place of them. If the item in question isn’t important enough to mention in particular, you’re better off taking it out entirely.

Improve your writing with a good content writing services.
Good content writing services improve your writing.


“Irregardless” is a term many people misuse without even realizing it. This word has made its way into the vocabulary of many individuals. Instead, use the proper word that means the exact same thing: “regardless.” Using this word properly will help avoid embarrassment.


Another seemingly harmless word, “maybe” indicates you haven’t done your research on the topic at hand. Readers turn to you to gather information. If they feel you aren’t able to give them the information they’re looking for, they are more likely to turn someplace else to get it.

Working with content writing services to gather website content ideas and create effective content is essential if you want your website to succeed. The words listed above aren’t always wrong in and of themselves, but they often create mistakes or misconceptions in your writing. For this reason, unless you’re experienced in website content writing, it’s better to hire a professional content writer to handle the work for you.

If you’re looking for a website content writer for hire who can help you create effective content, contact us. We can help you write valuable content using only the strongest writing.