Create more effective content with the content marketing pyramid.

Content Marketing Pyramid: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Create more effective content with the content marketing pyramid.
The content marketing pyramid can help you create more effective content.

With all the different types of content you need to create for effective content marketing, it’s no wonder many companies turn to professional content writers to handle their multilevel marketing. The content marketing pyramid addresses which types of content you should be creating and how important each type is to your success. While some content is more common and requires less attention, other content is rarer, yet requires the most care to ensure the best results.

Level Five

At the base of your content marketing pyramid, you will find your social media posts. These posts should be created on a regular basis, but they don’t require a lot of thought or time. Your website content writer should be able to help you use social media to interact with your customers, as well as share valuable information, such as blog posts, sale information and more. The primary reason this type of content should be addressed on a regular basis, possibly even daily, is because it is one of the biggest traffic drivers for your website.

Level Four

The next step up the multilevel marketing pyramid is your web content pages. Content writing for websites has the valuable objective of bringing people to your website through organic search results and keeping them on your website. It can also help determine if they will come back to your website again. Your professional content writers will need to focus on creating valuable content that contains the right keywords to generate attention and design a valuable resource for customers. This content should be 100 percent original and may need to be changed on a regular basis.

Implement the right kinds of content with the help of a website content writer.
A website content writer can help you implement the right kinds of content.

Level Three

Landing pages and other similar promotional content ranks in the middle of the pyramid. In addition to your landing pages designed to generate more leads that are likely to convert into sales, you will also find slideshares and infographics on this level. These types of content don’t need to be created as often as social media posts and unique webpage content, but they are extremely important to the number of sales you are able to generate.

Level Two

Next come the longer blog posts and presentations that go more in-depth and provide more detailed information to your readers. While some companies post new blog posts on a daily basis or at least once or twice a week, writing longer posts will help you attract more people and ensure they find in you a valuable resource to which they can turn for information or answers to their questions.

Level One

Finally, at the peak of the content marketing pyramid, you will find the sales pages and promotional content that can be valuable in reaching your target audience and convincing them to use your products or services. However, it’s important to make sure you use your promotional content sparingly. While it can be useful in generating more sales, you will have a more difficult time keeping an audience if almost everything you post is promotional in nature.

Turn to professional content writers for help with your marketing plan.
Professional content writers are an asset in creating a content plan.

The Benefits of Multilevel Marketing

Your website content writer should be using this type of content marketing pyramid for a large number of reasons. When you use this method of creating your content, you will:

  • Create a mix of valuable content in a variety of formats
  • Make your operations more efficient
  • Saturate the market with quality content branded for your business
  • Repeat your message in multiple locations for the biggest impact
  • Unify your content objectives so all aspects of your marketing are on the same page
  • Gain flexibility in content creation

While content marketing is an important element to the success of your business, it’s critical to make sure you’re working with professional content writers who understand the content marketing pyramid and how to use it for the best impact. You need to present valuable information to your readers so they can get the answers they’re looking for online.

If you’re looking for help managing your content marketing plan, contact us. We can help you put together a plan that effectively follows the content marketing pyramid.