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Four E-Commerce Problems That Could Be Hurting Your Conversion Rates

Address conversions with your online marketing strategy.
Your online marketing strategy should address conversions.

While driving more traffic to your website is one of the primary goals of your online marketing strategy, strategic posting for SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. A major part of your online marketing should address e-commerce solutions that entice your visitors to convert into loyal customers for your brand. If you’re struggling with your conversions, it’s important to attempt to find the underlying issue so your SEO article writer can help you reverse the damage and bring your conversion rate up.

Poor Quality Images

One of your biggest selling points is the products you sell. If they don’t look appealing to your target audience, chances are they are going to turn to your competitors instead. However, the quality of your product images isn’t the only factor in whether people will see your business in a positive light. For this reason, your online marketing strategy needs to address obtaining the high-quality images you need to make a great first impression. It all begins with hiring a professional to take any photos of your products for use on your site and ends with selecting great, relevant images to use on other pages of your website and your blog posts.

Convert more sales with e-commerce solutions.
E-commerce solutions will help you convert more sales.

A Bad Design Layout

Did you realize the layout of your store and products can have an impact on whether you convert visitors into sales? If visitors have difficulty finding the products or services they need from your website, they are more likely to look elsewhere. If you are having trouble with your sales numbers, you may want to look at the overall design of your website. To help you get into the minds of your customers, you can use software that shows you which pages people are visiting and in which order, along with how much time they spend on each page. This can help you determine the trouble points and make adjustments that guide your visitors naturally through your website to increase the chances they will convert.

Targeting the Wrong Keywords

Your SEO article writer should help you find the right keywords to target in order to reach the right people. While it can be tempting to go after shorter, more popular words, these keywords are typically more difficult to rank well for and can hurt the amount of traffic your website generates and thus affect the overall number of conversions. Instead, you should choose some long-tail keywords that help narrow your audience and target specific groups. When your strategic posting for SEO focuses on relevant long-tail and local keywords, you boost your chances of converting more sales, particularly among your local audience.

Make your business a success with online marketing.
Your online marketing can make your business a success.

A Lack of Trust

Trust is an important element if you want your customers to feel confident you can provide the solutions they need. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with trying to implement the right features to help you build feelings of trust among your customers and prospects. There are several elements your writers should create to help you generate these feelings. For instance, a well-written “about us” page can give visitors insight into your business and show them why you are the best choice to satisfy their needs. Testimonials, press releases, product reviews and accurate contact information are all ways to help build a positive reputation among your visitors, encouraging them to convert into customers.

If your sales website isn’t performing the way you want, it’s important to look for simple e-commerce solutions designed to give your sales the boost you need. These four issues can have a major impact on the success of your online marketing strategy, causing your business to grow too slowly or not at all. With the help of a qualified SEO content writer, you can turn your website around and increase your conversion rate so your business can be more successful.

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