Choose the right keywords with the help of website content writers.

Google’s AdWords Isn’t the Only Way to Find Ranking Keywords

Choose the right keywords with the help of website content writers.
Website content writers can help you choose the right keywords.

Google AdWords is one of the most popular choices among website content writers who are looking for the right keywords for their clients. However, the role of AdWords is less significant than many writers believe it to be. In fact, there are other ways of keeping your website relevant with the right keywords. When your web page content writer utilizes these other tools in conjunction with Google AdWords, you will be sure you are using the right keywords to reach your audience.

Check Social Media

Most companies don’t think social media can provide much help besides helping them reach their target audience. However, social media can be a valuable asset for helping you track what people are searching for. Twitter trends, for instance, is a great place to see what people are talking about so you can create content around those topics. It can even help you identify related keywords ideal for keeping your website relevant and encouraging people to visit your site.

Look at Your Competition

Your competition has likely put a lot of work into their keyword research as well, and you can tap into it yourself by checking out their site and identifying their keywords. You can then use many of these keyword phrases on your own site to help you stay in competition with them. Website content writers are skilled in creating unique content that can draw traffic to your website and away from your competitors, helping your website outperform the other companies in your industry.

You don't have to rely solely on Google AdWords.
Google AdWords isn’t the only tool you need.

Keyword Suggestion Tools

While Google AdWords is one of the most widely used methods of finding the perfect keywords to attract traffic, it isn’t the only way you can learn new keywords that may be effective. There are several keyword suggestion tools yourweb page content writer can use to find the ideal words to reach your target audience., Soovle and Keyword Snatcher are all popular options that help you determine which keywords you should be using to effectively reach your target audience.

WordPress Plugins

One of the best ways your website content writers can find the perfect keywords for your content is by using the right WordPress plugins. Because content can be created directly in this platform, you can use them to capture the appropriate keywords so you can reach your audience and give your site the rankings boost it needs. SEO Pressor and WP Keyword Suggest are both good options to make suggestions based on the topic of your website and your industry.

Search for Long-Tail Keywords

Many companies make the mistake of focusing solely on shorter keywords or phrases. However, these keywords can often be difficult to rank for, which is why it’s best to take a close look at your keyword list and make adjustments to create long-tail keywords. Something as simple as adding in your location can help give you a boost in your rankings. In addition, you may want to consider longer phrases people are likely to search for.

Supplement the role of AdWords with other tools.
The role of AdWords can be supplemented with other tools.

Follow Your Analytics

While your analytics can’t necessarily suggest new keywords, it will show you what is working and what may need some adjustments. You can look at what keywords are doing well and select others that are related to give your website an even bigger boost in traffic. Businesses that fail to use their analytics properly often struggle to generate more traffic and sales.

The role of AdWords may be important to your online success, but it isn’t the only way to determine which keywords your website content writers should be using in your content. In fact, using just one method to select keywords may mean you are missing out on a phrase that could result in high traffic numbers. Creating the ideal combination of tactics will ensure you can effectively reach your target audience and provide the valuable content they’re looking for.

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