Turn to a digital marketing agency for segmenting your audience.

Marketing Segmentation: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Reach your target audience effectively with marketing segmentation.
Marketing segmentation is necessary to effectively reach your target audience.

While you may be aware of who your target audience is, have you ever considered the need for marketing segmentation? Being able to target certain segments of your audience can go a long way toward boosting your traffic and providing exactly what your readers are looking for. Understanding the basics of creating a market segmentation strategy with the help of a digital marketing agency will help you maximize your marketing efforts and more effectively attract new customers.

Why Should You Segment?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand why you should use segmentation strategies. Experienced content marketers understand not all of your audience members have the exact same needs. When you use marketing segmentation to separate your target audience into smaller groups, you will be able to create content that provides the information each of your customers requires. When people find exactly what they need, they are more likely to see you as an expert and you will develop a sense of trust.

Make sure you're using a market segmentation strategy.
A market segmentation strategy is a necessity.

Methods of Segmentation

Once you make the decision to use segmentation strategies, you will need to talk to your digital marketing agency about the best way to do it. There are many ways you can segment your audience; it’s up to you to determine which methods will produce the results you’re looking for.

Geographic Location

If you are a larger business that covers a greater area, such as several states, segmenting your audience by geography can be one of your best options. Sometimes people living in a certain area are more likely to buy certain products or services. If this is the case with your audience and the services you provide, separating your audience by their location can be useful.


Sometimes your target audience needs to be segmented by other demographic information, such as males and females, age ranges or even ethnicity. Your digital marketing agency can take a closer look at your audience and their habits to determine if this is the right move for your business.


One of the areas many businesses forget about is the psychographics of their target audience. This market segmentation strategy looks at your audience’s interests, hobbies, aspirations and goals to separate them into similar groups. This allows you to use the proper tone to attract a larger following and show them you care about them as individuals.


Finally, you can segment your audience based on the way they act, particularly in terms of how they interact with your business. What are their purchasing habits? How loyal are they? All of these questions can be answered through a proper analysis of your buyers and how they browse through your website.

Turn to a digital marketing agency for segmenting your audience.
A digital marketing agency can help you segment your audience.

How Can You Segment Your Audience?

Businesses that aren’t familiar with marketing segmentation won’t realize the importance of addressing certain portions of your target audience. Instead, they may use one set of content for everyone. However, when you work with experienced content marketers, they will help you do the necessary market research so you can better segment your audience. When you reach out to certain segments of your audience in related groups, they are more likely to feel important to you and become your loyal customer.

Once you have your audience segmented, you can work with your digital marketing agency to implement the new segmentation strategies. You will be able to develop buyer personas, target certain people with the right products that will meet their needs and create messages that speak to each segment individually. This can be one of the best ways to reach your audience and help your business grow.

Marketing segmentation can be a powerful tool in reaching your target audience and helping your business succeed. However, many smaller businesses don’t understand how to implement these segmentation strategies. Working with experienced content marketers from a digital marketing agency can help you reach your audience in new ways.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help with your marketing segmentation, contact us. We can help you separate your audience and create the content you need to make a great impression.