Create a sense of urgency with website content writing services.

Creating Urgency in Your Call-to-Action: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Create a sense of urgency with website content writing services.
Website content writing services can help you create a sense of urgency.

The call-to-action can be one of the most important components in your online content. It may be a small piece in the grand scheme of an article, but it can be one of the most critical to ensure your success. Website content writing servicesshould understand why creating urgency in your calls to action is essential. Before you start working with anyone, talk to them about how they handle this online marketing tool of the week and make sure they will create the type of content you need to get the best results.

Lead the Reader

No call-to-action is going to be effective if readers aren’t finding it. For this reason, it’s just as important to format and place the call-to-action properly as it is to write one that will grab their attention. Content writing companies know how to draw the reader’s eye around the page, just as easily as they know how to create the type of content that will attract your target audience and keep people coming back for more.

Use Actionable Language

“Consider clicking this link to learn more about this topic.” Are you going to click the link? For most people, the answer would be no. However, if the end of the content read something like, “Contact us to gain access to a free eBook that can help you make the most of your investments.” You are much more likely to visit another page or send an email. Why? The second example uses actionable language to tell your reader exactly what they should be doing. While it’s important not to be pushy, consumers want companies to let them know what to do next. Although not everyone will follow your instructions, a larger percentage of your target audience will.

Learn about creating urgency in your calls-to-action.
Creating urgency in your calls-to-action is important.

Be Clear

It’s always important to make sure you are clear when it comes to what you expect from your visitors. Without clarity, your call-to-action can quickly become overlooked, particularly by those who may need it the most. Content writing services can help you provide valuable information to your readers in a straightforward manner. The clearer your message is, the more likely people will understand and take the actions you want them to.

Keep It Unique

One of the biggest challenges of creating urgency in your calls-to-action is keeping them unique. It’s easy to copy and paste the same thing at the bottom of every article you publish, but this sense of urgency will lose its impact over time.  Not only will it lose its effectiveness, but your repeat readers will grow tired of seeing the same thing and the search engines may begin penalizing you for duplicate content. To help prevent all of these issues, it’s necessary to work with website content writing services that can help you mix things up and keep it interesting.

Don’t Over Complicate Things

A call-to-action should never be complicated. In fact, it should always be short and to the point. For starters, readers aren’t going to go through a long block of text after reading an article to find out what you want them to do next. However, if your content writing company includes a short one to two sentence blurb asking visitors to contact you for more information or inviting them to fill out a form or download content, people are more likely to follow through.

Encourage readers to act now with the help of content writing services.
Content writing services encourage your readers to act now.

Use the Right Words

In order to create a sense of urgency in your calls-to-action, it’s important to make sure you generate that atmosphere with the words you use. Telling them to contact you now or today is preferred over leaving it open-ended. If you tell readers to call you at any time of the day, they aren’t going to be in a rush to pick up the phone. However, if you suggest they should call now for more information, they may be dialing before they even get to the end.

Creating urgency in your calls-to-action is essential if you want our readers to truly take action. Content writing companies often know the best ways to make your content stand out and encourage your readers to take the next step when they are done reading. With their help, you can drive more traffic and convert more of those visitors into customers.

If you’re looking for website content writing services to help you improve your calls-to-action, contact us today. Our experienced team of professionals can provide the assistance you need to get results.