Do you know how to increase your social media presence?

The Art of Using Images in Your Social Media Posts

Today’s Internet users love visual content. This means you need to incorporate as many images into your social and content marketing as possible. If you want to improve your social media success, sharing pictures on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles is a great way to engage your audience and potential customers.

Choose the Right Sizing

Every social media site has their own sizing to ensure images display properly to users. For instance, in order to improve your Facebook performance, you need to make sure the images you use are resized to 1,200 by 630. Each of the other leading social media providers, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have their own preferred sizes:

  • Twitter: For Twitter images, the minimum size allowed 440 x 220 while the maximum size is 1024 x 512. It is important to note that Twitter may collapse your image to fit on a user’s stream, so keep that in mind when choosing pictures to share.
  • Google+: Shared images show up at 150 x 150, so you may want to go ahead and size your image accordingly to assure it looks great.
  • Pinterest: Pins will show up differently depending on whether they are on a user’s board or expanded when clicked. Due to changing sizes, we recommend you focus on an aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 for you Pinterest posts.
  • LinkedIn: Images on LinkedIn need to be at least 700 pixels wide in order to show up correctly.
  • Instagram: Instagram images will show up at 110 x 110 pixels on a user’s feed. These photos are always square, so make sure you’re using a 1:1 aspect ratio.
The right images can improve your social media success.
Improve your social media success with images.

Use Different Types of Images

When it comes to sharing images on your social media accounts, there are no limits to what you can use. Using standard and relevant photos that complement your post is a great way to engage your audience; however, the more variety you include in your regular posts, the more your customers will enjoy what you put out. If you want to mix things up, consider using screenshots when they are relevant, as well as text images, action shots, behind-the-scenes pictures and more. Your social media content writers should be able to help you find the appropriate images for everything you post.

Be Creative

Stock images can be a fast, easy way to find relevant pictures to use in your social media posts; however, it’s important to make sure your business stands out from your competition. Instead of relying solely on the stock images, learn some photo editing and make some adjustments to make the images fit your agenda more closely. If you can’t find something that fits perfectly, consider taking your own images or hiring a photographer to help you capture the perfect scene.

Do you know how to increase your social media presence?
Learn how to increase your social media presence.

Bring Out the Emotion

Sharing images in your social media posts allows you to easily convey a sense of emotion in your readers. Internet users want to be able to connect with their favorite businesses, and emotional connections are a great way to build loyalty. The good news is this doesn’t mean you need to create a complex image to share with your readers every time. In fact, even the simplest pictures can create a sense of strong emotion in your readers if done correctly.

Generate the Right Design

If you want to know how to increase your social media presence, you need to be able to share and create images that will attract the eye and keep readers’ attention on your profile and eventually your website. When you implement text into your images, make sure you are using a font that is large, clear and easy to read. In addition, you need to select colors that will help the words stand out and ensures those who see the image will read it.

Knowing how to handle your social media appropriately is essential if you want to succeed online. If you want to improve your social media success, you should focus on using images in your social media posts. These images will help draw the attention of your target audience. Images are much more likely to be clicked and shared, generating greater interest in your posts and website. When you learn how to use these social media platforms properly, you will increase your traffic and generate more sales for your business.

If you’re looking for help with improving your social media performance, contact us. We can help you use images appropriately to attract the attention of your target audience.