iwc blog Find Out How Site Content Can Increase User Interaction

Find Out How Site Content Can Increase User Interaction, part 1

Have you ever taken the kids to grandma’s house and heard them complain there’s nothing to do there…it’s boring? Imagine a visitor coming to your website and feeling the same way. Site content writers spend a whole lot of time determining what appeals to a particular target audience and how to increase their involvement. Much depends on the overall look and design you have chosen. Finding intelligent, interesting ongoing content, without adding superfluous filler, makes the website an exciting place for customers to explore, linger and return.

Consider these parts when analyzing your website as a whole:

Social Sharing Buttons

As more people become comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, and sign up for these social sharing sites, they’ll look for the familiar icons (shown above) to let their friends, fans, followers, colleagues and communities know they have found something of interest worth sharing. Having these buttons or links displayed prominently makes it easy for your content to radiate out to more potential customers. Let your adoring public do your public relations for you!

iwc - social sharing

Subscription Offer

iwc - subscribeIf you’ve been doing a really good job with writing web content, you will have people clamoring to read everything you write. You’ll want to offer free delivery, so to speak. The moment the new blog or newsletter is ready, people who become subscribers will receive an email with that link. Building relationships with these visitors doesn’t involve a one-time approach. It evolves through replenishing the site regularly with relevant content and getting the word out. Providing an option for your website visitors to sign up for a subscription is a service you definitely should provide. It’s a mutual acknowledgement that they like you and you appreciate them.

Navigation Bar

Having a complex navigation bar on your website is like putting your front door on the side of the house. By the time people find it, if they find it, they may not be in a very good mood. The design you choose should be super simple, highly visible and edited to the most obvious segments. Make it easy to find and easy to use. It should be placed at the top with a reasonable number of sections. Consider going with some of the universal terms found on other websites such as Home, About, Products, Blog and Contact Us.

iwc - navigation

Website content writing specialists can get creative with these terms, as with the example below, because they have experience knowing what works. Determine how your site will be organized. The average person needs to be able to get from the landing page to the site content with the expectation of finding (quickly) the answers they need. Any confusion will be frustrating and turn them away. Repeat the wording from the “nav bar” in the section headers to remind users where they are. Doing all this will enhance interaction and convey a confident, professional web design.


Constant Content

Leaving a 5 year-, or even a 1 year-old blog on your home page is unforgivable. It says you are too busy or too disorganized to maintain your virtual catalog. If you’re trying to interact with your visitors, attract new customers and reduce bounce rates, your content has to be stellar. Whether it’s a blog, video, graphics, product description or letter from the CEO, give it some attention and give it some pizzazz

Here are just a few ways good content can generate user interaction:

  • Search engines will deliver new customers if your content is first-class
  • Targeted users will take away tangibles and return for more
  • Coupons and events can becomes the content that closes sales
  • Pleasing graphics, photography and videos engage customers; invite sharing

iwc - video

Comments Section

iwc - commnetGiving visitors a voice is one of the best ways to open up a direct line of communication. Want to know if you covered everything in a blog? Read the comments. Interested in hearing whether you explained a product correctly? just provide a place for your readers to comment. Engaging their opinion is an excellent way to invigorate the user experience with your website. How many times have you finished reading a thoughtful article and wanted to thank the author? You may have a fact that was overlooked and want to add it to the discussion. Having the option of commenting and contributing gives readers investment in your company. It’s important to collect this data and use it to understand their point of view. That feedback, be it positive or negative, is invaluable and quantifiable. Use it to gauge present performance and future success.

Rules of Engagement

iwc - engagementIf people aren’t interacting, you’re not doing your job. It has been proven that holding interest, providing value and bestowing benefits will earn new customers and erase website bounce rate. But first you have to figure out how people interact with your website content. Once you know this, you’ll be able to offer an outstanding user experience, drive traffic and deliver more sales for your business. Providing for user interaction involves design, writing and technology, including data collection about your existing and potential new customers.

Your website is the epicenter of your online presence, but your customers are the reason you exist. Focus on gaining their interest, trust and loyalty and you will have invested in your company’s growth. Continuously improve content. Test ideas and request feedback. Collect data and adjust accordingly. If you’d like help achieving these objectives, iwebcontent is here to help. We make it our business to provide your website visitors with engaging content.