Why Your Business Definitely Needs a Facebook Page

Why Your Business Definitely Needs a Facebook Page

By now almost everyone knows that little lowercase “ f “ in a blue or white box means “Hey, check us out on Facebook!”

What you may not know is that a Facebook Page for business has a unique set of qualities designed specifically for commerce. Still intended to connect, inform and engage socially, it has broader goals like brand building, promotions, customer service, community relations, recruiting, sales, marketing, and data analysis.

Assuming your company has similar goals, here’s a sampling of what might be included on your Facebook Page:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Tips
  • Grand openings
  • Seasonal events
  • Product launches
  • Store locator maps
  • Polls
  • Industry news
  • Colorful visuals
  • Coupons
  • Customer reviews
  • Charity and fundraising
  • Community service
  • Job opportunities
  • Games, sweepstakes, contests

Facebook content writers use all of the components listed above to keep things interesting for readers. It’s a quick way to post photographs and blurbs that show in a candid way the best aspects of what you do. With some planning, you can keep in constant contact with your audience, no matter what’s going on in your industry or profession.

Whether you’ve got a social media manager running the show or just want to become a little more Facebook fluent, the following 5 companies have found creative ways to put our list to work.  

  1. Sonic Drive-In

The panoply of shakes and slushes, cherry-topped and whip cream peaked, makes for a color-crazed panorama on Sonic’s home page. Photos and a news release about the Limeades for Learning program explains how a portion of each tart cooler is donated to improve community schools. In the video tabs, there are two cartoony characters who strut their shakes just for the fun of it. Plus you can watch The Two Guys from Sonic ads in never-been-seen outtakes. And who knew July 23 was National Hot Dog Day? $1 each.

  1. Japan Society

From kimonos to kabuki dance, this New York City non-profit center makes great use of their Facebook Page to promote changing shows and events in their museum, theatre, gardens and tearoom. Videos feature clips from documentaries shown during the Japan Film Festival. From the Library tab, students and researchers can download thousands of digitized Japanese woodblock prints. The Reviews section hosts a robust discussion of the pros and cons of language studies at the cultural center.

  1. Dr. Bronner’s

Anyone who has ever bathed in this company’s Peppermint or Eucalyptus Pure-Castile soaps can never forget the bracing, tingling sensation. This is truly a simple, holistic, health-oriented company. Family owned and operated since 1929, their motto is, “In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we’re All-One or None! All-One!” They post natural recipes and how-tos for beauty products such as sugar scrub. Someone from the company also answers questions about environmental concerns. For example, a customer thought the use of palm oil was harmful to the environment, but a representative from the company reported that Dr. Bronner’s works with communities in Ghana to safely produce it. Their business Facebook Page recognizes David Bronner for winning the 2017 Conscious Leaders Award, given to those who provide workplaces that help people thrive.

  1. Hard Rock Cafe

Upon landing on this music venue/restaurant chain’s home page, you are immediately treated to an aspirational video of college-age kids having a ball, seeing the world, modelling their Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts from London, Barcelona, Dallas, and New York. #myhardrock is a photo sharing opportunity to sport your shirt in action. You can also sign up for Hard Rock Rewards and receive V.I.P. treatment on your birthday. The Groups tab takes you to list of sub-pages for customers with special interests including those who want to buy, sell and trade Hard Rock Cafe magnet and pin collections. And, of course, there’s an online store that sells everything from HRC brand emoji pins to guitar-shaped spatulas. The company promotes their Hard Rock Heals Foundation using the slogan “Love. Amplified.” A percentage of T-shirt sales goes to global music projects. Their CTA tab says “Available Now in the Online Rock Shop.”

  1. Bounce ‘N’ More

It’s hard not to be happy selling bounce houses. This rental company’s Facebook marketing focuses of showing the choices of bounce houses they offer. You pick out the model you want to rent, from cushy castle to wobbly waterslide. There’s a place to buy tickets to the upcoming Water Balloon Wars, which funds mental health and addiction services for area artists and musicians. The company’s team-building experiences are illustrated in a short video. There are lots of pictures of kids having fun bouncing, slipping, sliding and more.

Using Facebook for business is not only important, it’s imperative. The competition is doing it. The customers expect it. Not only do you need it in your social media arsenal, you need it to drive customers back to your website and into your stores. You want likes and shares and links back from elsewhere.

First off, give some attention to designing a good-looking format for your page. Using the list and examples, find ways of getting readers to interact. Use fun hashtags like #mixeddrinkmonday or #plumbandplumber to create a conversation and garner attention. Think about what your call to action is and use the Facebook CTA button wisely.

If you find yourself needing help setting up your Facebook page, give us a call. We’ll have that little letter “ f “ on your site before you can say Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap.