9 Powerful Words to Pump Up Your Website Content

The French have a phrase for it: Le mot juste. This translates to the perfect word. Precise. Exact. Quintessential.

In marketing, French or otherwise, the right word or combination can move people, literally and figuratively, such as:

  • Shop Small
  • Eat More Chickin
  • Just Do It!

Used pointedly, words give purpose to plain talk. Urging someone to do the right thing that’s right in front of them requires skill. What better way for a blog writer to increase content engagement and conversions?

Website visitors come and go (this is called bounce rate, by the way) and the number one reason they go is so obvious–you don’t have what they want. So what made them think you did? And do you have it, but it’s just not obvious? Is it buried, or mislabeled or not labeled at all?

Trigger words are shot through with universal meaning and appeal. Regardless of the offer, everyone knows at the end of the line exactly what they will find, so they keep heading toward it.

9 Firecracker Words that Spark Engagement

1. Imagine

I love imagining. I imagine I’m twenty again and size 4. I imagine my house will be clean someday. I imagine my sister will pay me all the money she owes me. As a blogger and creator of content marketing, this skill comes in handy.
The word “imagine” has the same effect on your clients. It transports them from Mundane Monday to Freewheeling Friday where anything is possible. Yee Haw!

Example: Imagine a clean garage you can actually park in. Goodwill will now pack up, pick up and move discards out, so your car can move back in.

2. New
Give your customers some new content to knock around: new fashions, new architecture, new foods, new movies, new technology, new gizmos, new gadgets, a new lease on life. Including “new” in blog posts keeps readers eager and energized, believing that something unknown will soon be revealed. If it truly is some valuable new insight or information, they’ll be anxious to share this cheerfully on all their social channels.

3. Free

“Free” ignites far more interest than “affordable” or “discounted.” Consumer studies show people of all income brackets dislike spending money when they can get a better deal or, even better, get it for free.

I get so excited when I’m offered something free, like a BOGO taco or even a free consultation. I seem to place much more value on the gift than it really has. Certainly, I know a taco costs under a dollar and a consultation is really a thinly-veiled sales pitch, but I’ll get an extra crunchy snack and some price quotes for FREE!

Adding the word “free” to blog posts, headlines, emails and site content has real pulling power. Add it to promotions on Twitter, Facebook and other social media and watch response rise.

4. Easy
Easy filing. Turbo Tax. Easy meals. HelloFresh. Easy Spanish. Babbel. Easy answers. Alexa. If you can offer “easy,” your audience will click through and read more, leading perhaps to higher social engagement and a lower bounce rate. Try mentioning how complicated it might be to assemble a gadget or how many steps it takes to launder a dress and watch people head for the hills.

5. Secret

When you have a bit of valuable content, keep it a secret. At least until the reader clicks through to where you want them to be and then you can let the cat out of the bag.

Being let in on a “secret” piques a person’s sense of wonder. Curiosity triggers a desire to know and that increases audience engagement. It’s one of the most powerful words used to build authority and leadership. When you offer to share a secret, make it something that’s not already widely known or it will backfire. Fool me once…


6. Proven
What studies and statistics can you access that will back a claim about your business? If you have three “proven” techniques for getting the highest price for a used car, by all means, share them. But substantiate with evidence, findings, sales figures, trials, test results or testimonials from at least one person who has actually received the highest price using your techniques. Today, verification is as close as the nearest keypad. Loyalty goes to fact, not flack.

7. More

More, more, more. Who doesn’t want more? But wait there’s more… After a little teaser copy or headline, the word “more” entices visitors to click through for the full article. Even at the end of a blog post, “more” offers additional content and a chance of conversion before leaving the site. Everybody has room for one more.

8. Yes
“Can do, can do, with Gold Medal you can do…” Okay I came of age licking the bowl in the Sixties kitchen, but the sentiment still holds. Everyone wants to say, “Yes! I can do this.” Even the winning hand gesture “Yes” is universally used.

It’s possible! You go, girl! Believe in yourself! An inspiring, positive message will attract readers to your blog and lead them to your products and services.

  • Yes, It Is Better In the Bahamas
  • Yes, You Can Be Your Own Boss
  • Language Lovers: Say Si to Speaking Spanish

9. Instant
Let’s see. I can get dressed, drive to the mall, park, walk into the store, wait in line, purchase a gift card, find a stamp, address an envelope, mail it and hope it gets there. Or…..

I can have an ecard delivered RIGHT NOW!

Speaking of instant, I get all my information now from Twitter. By the time I turn on the TV, it’s old news. Instant gratification has its immediate rewards. is a home furnishings phenomenon because you can decorate instantly. New table? New sofa? Poof! Complete rooms appear with one click. Amazon can deliver (in certain areas) same day!

In closing, trigger words are meant to direct traffic. The tastier the crumbs along the search-to-site trail, the more likely that person will stick with you instead of turning back.

Our professional writers know how to use the important words mentioned above for a powerful website, blog article, social media post and any other kind of content you may need. Contact us. We do breadcrumbs beautifully.