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Inspiration for Share-able Content

Here you are again, staring blankly at your computer screen. You have done a good job as a content writer for your company’s blog. But how much content writing can one person come up with? If you have found yourself in this situation, we have good news for you. Regardless of whether or not you do your own social media marketing or have hired a digital marketing agency, shareable content is your best bet.

Let’s face it, you don’t invest in content marketing just for your existing database of clients and contacts. The goal of content writing is to inspire your readers to share what they’ve read on their social media platforms. This is a way to gain free social media marketing. So it’s time to shift gears. No longer think of yourself as a content writer. You are now an inspirational genius! Now all you need are some ideas for shareable content. Read on to find out more.

A Spy Amongst Us

online marketing research

Okay, you don’t have to be an actual spy but more like an undercover researcher. Do you have a competitor that has been more successful than you in social media marketing? It’s time to do your homework. Look at what your competitors are doing.  Pay attention to how their audience reacts. This is a great way to find insights on the content your audience wants to see.

But remember, what is good for the goose may not exactly be good for the gander. Your objective is not to copy your competitors but to outshine them. Your spy work has revealed what your intended audience reacts to. Now, take those concepts and make them your own. Use what your competitors are content writing about and make it 10x better. This will let your audience see you are their best option. However, your competitor may have an edge if they use a digital marketing agency.

Inspector’s Gadgets

content writer detective

The best spy in the world is useless without his secret agent gadgets. Imagine Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a crime without his toolkit. In the same way, content marketing can be tough without the right implements. The three major tools you need are:

  • Utility. Obviously, you want to write content that is useful or helpful to readers. This is where your how-tos and top tens come in.  
  • Entertainment. Entertaining content encourages clients to share. Make them laugh or be amused.
  • Inspiration. Inspirational content is highly shared. Pique your audience’s curiosity or stimulate their creativity.  Surely people go through experiences in their lives. Find something that resonates and speaks to them directly.

Emotion Detector

content writing emotion

A content writer should consider invoking emotional responses in their readers. This plays an essential role as to whether or not they will share content. Think about it. Which headline would you rather read?

“Sherlock Holmes Solves Another Crime,” or  “Dr. Watson’s Alarming Secret Plot.” Case closed.

When people experience strong positive emotions, they are more likely to share content. However, they are infinitely more likely to share content associated with intense negative emotions, like fear or anxiety. Now you certainly don’t want your clients frantically searching for their anxiety meds. So keep them perplexed or uncertain. And, of course, you can (and should) make them happy, too. But whatever you do, don’t make them sad or depressed, as they are less likely to share this type of content.


Content writer surprise

We all know a spy’s greatest weapon is the element of surprise. A spy that lacks this will have a short-lived, disastrous career. Surprises are a novel experience. They trigger a part of our brain associated with memory and the need to share information. Use biology to your advantage.

Sharing surprises with your social network is a good way to update your audience about an imminent threat or a new resource. Hopefully, you’ll choose the latter in your content writing. Surprisingly, the surprise element is linked to memory. This gives you the surprising benefit of establishing your company as more memorable in the process.

Case Closed

Content writing case cloased

Obviously, there is no secret formula for creating shareable, “viral” content.  There are, however, a few points that can close your case for good. First of all, choose content marketing that is short and concise. You can, of course, have long detailed posts as well, but try to find the middle ground. Secondly, write posts that are useful, entertaining and interesting. Finally, as discussed earlier, evoke strong emotions and give your readers a surprise.

Okay, so maybe after learning all of this new information you are still having content writer’s block. Or perhaps content writing is just not your gig. Not to worry. Contact us to handle your social media marketing and content marketing. We are staffed by professionals so you are guaranteed high-quality content writing. You will also stand a better chance of having shareable content. Not to mention, you will be one step (or two) ahead of your competitors.

As Holmes said himself, “ What one man can invent another can discover.”


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