The A, B and 4 Cs of Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard many times how important it is to have a digital marketing strategy. And that’s true; but without good content, it’s…empty. Like a diet of candy and soda without the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables to back it up. There aren’t enough building blocks there to encourage strong growth and healthy performance. Think of these ABCs as the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy digital marketing, helping you to grow your business and watch it thrive.

is for Analytics

Learn who your customers are and what they want through analytics. These are the tools that measure your website traffic and how your visitors behave once they find you. Utilize the analytical tools at your disposal to discover what attracts customers to your site, and what sets those customers apart. These pieces of information are critical for developing a successful content marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that these tools may show you a picture of your customer that you don’t expect. How would you paint a picture of your audience? You might be surprised at how the actual picture of your audience differs. Most analytic tools provide you with the general age, location, and device of your visitors, and that’s just the beginning. What are people looking for on your site? You might think it’s a new widget but perhaps you have an unexpected and strong following for the mini widget. Now you can adjust your content marketing accordingly. Which keywords get the best engagement? Make the most of your marketing budget by knowing instead of guessing. This is the value of site search tracking data. Analytics help you know your audience and increase awareness of your brand.

is for Branding

Speaking of branding, tell your customers who you are. Branding helps your company deliver your message with consistency. It’s one of the primary ways you’re visible in your industry. Chances are you could name the retailer whose logo is a red circle inside a red circle, or the electronics company whose logo is a piece of fruit. Consider the ways by which these big companies keep their branding consistent across marketing campaigns.

This is a world where first impressions count. Branding contributes to customer recognition of your company, reliability because customers can count on you for consistency, and better analytics because there’s less daylight between your company and your content. Prime your target audience to be receptive to your content marketing through branding, which supports the 4Cs of content marketing by providing a framework for it.

The 4 Cs of Content Marketing

Bridge the divide between your customers and your organization through information, and engagement. Use your analytics and branding to develop a winning content marketing strategy. At first, your target audience may find your content useful. Then, they’ll interact with it, including sharing it on social media. And finally, they’ll be believers, using your product or service and telling friends and family about it. Here are the 4Cs that set your content marketing apart.

is for:


Keep your customers in the forefront of your content marketing. What can they learn from you that is relevant and interesting? What kind of content can you provide that encourages sharing? Use data from analytics and branding to create customer-focused content. Engaging the services of a digital agency can reduce the learning curve and expedite the creation of quality content that gets results.


Concentrate on strong communication skills to ensure your message is optimized for consumption by your target audience. A good content writer can develop tight content that’s well-written, accurate, and logical in its presentation for maximum effect. This applies to website content, newsletters, social media posts, and even product descriptions. Is it compelling enough to be shareable? Does it motivate your customers to take action? Is it skimmable, with succinct and clear headers that convey the highlights to a time-pressed audience? Use branding to improve recognition and awareness, so your audience is primed for your content marketing.


Deliver solutions-oriented content through well-defined campaigns for best results. Each piece of content should drive customers in relation to a specific effort, whether that’s increasing newsletter subscriptions, announcing a product roll-out or boosting overall brand awareness. Build these with analytics, too. Who’s coming to your website? Why are they there? Drive the kind of behavior you seek by crafting precision campaigns through content writing.


When your content marketing is customer-focused, communicated well, and tied to a campaign, all the building blocks for conversions are in place. And as conversions increase, you’ll see it in your website analytics as the cycle comes full circle. Maintain this momentum by staying on top of your analytics and branding so that your content marketing can be revised accordingly.

The Building Blocks of a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

Keeping track of the A, B, and 4Cs of content marketing can leave you feeling like you have a lot on your plate. And that’s where a digital agency comes in. Think of it as having a private chef who manages your menu planning and meal prep to ensure you get all of the nutrients you need every day. A digital agency’s content writer, utilizing your analytics, can create a content marketing strategy in keeping with your branding that includes the most valuable ingredients to enhance your business’s growth and performance.

And not only that but a digital agency can handle the ongoing task of monitoring and adjusting a content marketing strategy as needed. Your content marketing needs can change over time, especially as your campaigns generate success in attracting and retaining customers. A skilled content writer can effectively fine-tune your message according to your analytics results, building in the key elements of your brand that set you apart from competitors.

Good content writing can expand your reach, improve your engagement, and keep your customers coming back for more. iwebcontent and their dedicated team provide you with cutting-edge digital marketing that gets results. Like a personal chef, we work with you to plan a menu that meets your needs and prepare creations that generate excitement and interest using the A, B, Cs of content marketing. Bon appetit!

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