Why Your Small Business Branding Might Need An Update

The golden arches, the red bullseye and the green mermaid… all iconic images belonging to some of the world’s most famous companies. However, even small businesses can benefit from good branding. While they may seem like unimportant details, things like your logo and your slogan all play a part in brand management. Branding makes you stand out from the crowd and helps people remember your business. 

Perhaps they don’t need what you’re offering or they’re not ready to buy today. If your digital marketing makes a big enough impact to stay in that person’s mind, they’re more likely to come back to your website when they are ready to sign up or make a purchase. And that’s precisely why brand management can be so beneficial. 

Branding Builds Customers

The most important factor in having a cohesive brand image is the part it plays in building a loyal customer base. Businesses, especially those operating primarily online, can ensure they look legitimate and genuine with attractive web design and branding that helps them stand out from their competitors. Additionally, consistent website development keeps everything up to date and shows customers you have their best interests in mind as you give them what they need, from up-to-date information to great promotions. Other elements of brand management to consider include your company’s slogan; digital marketing materials such as the SEO content on your website; and other details related to web design such as graphics, fonts and colors. 

Start with a Logo 

Enlisting a logo design service helps to ensure you have good brand recognition. This is especially important for small businesses operating primarily online. While you may not have a restaurant operating on every corner, having a good logo can make you the business people think of when they need your particular product or skill set. 

Having a good logo and quality web design also plays a big role in your digital marketing efforts. You can prominently display your logo within your advertising, ensuring people are able to associate any advertising you do with your brand. That way, none of the advertising you do goes unacknowledged. With your logo and other digital marketing materials, you can reach out to existing customers and you can make an impression on new customers. 

Time for a Branding Update?

In the beginning, many small companies just quickly put up brand elements such as their website and logo to expedite their online presence. But, then, they keep them over the years out of loyalty. The fact is, companies evolve and so should their branding. However, you can still keep elements of your original logo and web design if it still represents your company in the present day. Just look at Google’s ever-evolving logo, which seems to change from year to year!

How do you know when it’s time for you to revamp your business’s logo or change the look and maneuverability of your web design? As with anything regarding your digital marketing, there will always come a time when an update is needed. Fortunately, there are some things that you can look out for. 

If you are thinking about the viability of your custom logo design, something to think about is whether it is still relevant to your company. For example, a company specializing in the energy sector that has recently begun to work primarily with green energy may begin to consider adding more references to “green energy” to their logo, as BP Global did. 

It may also be time to consider updating your logo and web design if someone less than a professional (you, a team member, or a friend) designed them in the first place. While we’re sure they did a great job and saved you some start-up costs, now that your company has evolved it is likely time to have professional logo and web design services create something to truly showcase what your business is all about.

Are you ready to update your small business branding? If so, the digital marketing professionals at iwebcontent are here to help. Contact us today to get started! 

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