How a Financial Copywriter Can Improve Your Accounting Marketing

As someone who works in the world of accounting, you know a lot about numbers. So let’s talk numbers. According to Google in 2019, approximately 75% of all search traffic came from Google. However, about 91% of all pages on the Internet never get any organic traffic from Google, and that’s in large part because they don’t have any backlinks. In fact, just over half of all webpages don’t have a single backlink. If those numbers still haven’t impressed upon you about the importance of SEO, here are some more numbers to consider. The first five search results on the first page of Google get approximately 67.60% of the clicks. Among marketing professionals, 70% see SEO as a more effective strategy than PPC advertising. 

What SEO in Accounting is All About

Whew. Those are quite a few numbers to take in. It may seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the world of accounting marketing. You might be operating under the assumption that accounting or CPA marketing is all about making the sale. And that’s almost correct. However, it actually starts a little bit earlier than the point of sale. 

Marketing is all about awareness – letting people know what your firm offers, including the services it has available, the experience of its team members, and other factors that set it apart from the competition. That’s where SEO comes into play. According to Google, high-quality content and link building are two of the most important things it takes into consideration when ranking your website for its search engine. And that’s why you need well-written, keyword-optimized content for your website that will help you get to the front page, where potential clients can see what your firm can provide.

Content by the Numbers

Reaching out to work with a website content company is a good first step in an accounting marketing strategy. Here, you can join forces with a talented team that has expert content marketing know-how. They can help you build a website that features strong keywords to begin directing potential searchers your way. Not only that, but when you work with an experienced financial copywriter, they can begin the process of building in backlinks to help strengthen your online presence and, in time, boost your rankings. 

Here’s another tip to keep in mind. While the content on your website is important, in the realm of accounting and CPA marketing, having a blog can also be critical. Today’s consumers are much more likely to reach out to companies that keep an updated blog. (If you don’t mind me throwing another number at you, the ROI for someone who makes blogging a priority can be as much as 13 times greater.) 

In addition to helping ensure a website looks fresh and up-to-date, having a blog filled with informative content such as accounting news and industry insights can keep potential clients who are interested but not yet ready to use your service coming back until they are ready. And finally, if you have a financial services copywriter working on your blog, this can be an incredible resource they can use to continually add keywords, backlinks, and other SEO tools.

What’s in the Financial Copywriter’s Toolbox?

We’ve spoken at length here about keywords, backlinks, and the overall quality of the content your finance copywriter will be crafting when they work with you. However, there are plenty of other tools in the digital marketing toolkit that play a big role in how SEO can help improve your accounting website. For example, HTML factors such as page title tags and meta descriptions play a much bigger role than you might think when it comes to how well your website ranks. Your financial services copywriter will be paying as much attention to and putting as much care into writing these tags and descriptions as they do the content your page visitors actually see.

Another of the items in the financial copywriting toolkit is local SEO. This can be especially important when it comes to CPA and accounting marketing strategies, as local SEO focuses on a business’s presence on local listings on sites such as Google Business or Yelp. A website content company can guide you through the process of claiming your business on these sites, which offer you a significant SEO boost.

If you’re ready to start crunching the numbers and driving traffic to your tax, accounting or other financial website, we can help! We offer SEO financial copywriting services, so contact us today!

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