How to Build on Your Home Improvement Marketing

Trying to build a marketing strategy from the ground up is no easy task. That’s true regardless of the business you’re in, but for those building home improvement websites, it can be even more difficult to break into the market. A quick Google search for a construction website will show you tens of thousands of results. So if you really want to stand out and attract the best possible customers, you need to be doing something special. Fortunately, it is possible to come up with a strategy that can help you position yourself at the forefront of the pack and make sure you’re getting the leads you need. 

Constructing a Solid Customer Base

The process of coming up with a marketing strategy can be overwhelming. Here’s one tip to remember that can make your home improvement marketing just a little easier. Every part of your marketing strategy will revolve around your customer base, so it’s crucial to start this process by coming up with a model that represents your average customer. 

With this model of your customer in mind, consider: 

  • Where do your customers live? 
  • What are they worried about when it comes to their home improvement projects?
  • Where are you most likely to reach them online? 

Using this and other information, you can work with a web content company to come up with marketing writing content that speaks to their needs. This way, you can begin attracting a solid customer base.

Renovating Your Current Content

If you already have a construction website up and running, but aren’t getting the traffic you need, it’s possible the content on that site may not be working hard enough for you. Even if the information on your Homepage, About Page, and other pages on your website is accurate, there is other information that needs to be included so you’re ranking higher on search engines and being seen by potential customers. If you already have SEO keywords in your content, it’s possible those keywords simply aren’t the best ones for your industry. 

More research may need to be done to choose keywords that will allow you to improve your ranking and be seen. Additionally, when it comes to home improvement websites, local search is almost always a good idea. For example, there is much less competition if someone searches for “home improvement in Dallas” and you’ll have the chance to stand out among home improvement websites in your area for the job. A web content company can help revitalize your website with up-to-date, quality content using appropriate SEO keywords that will help you rank within your area.

Proof is in the Pictures

In the beginning stages, you need to focus on your basic website content. Later, you may want to consider maintaining a blog that could be of interest to the aforementioned “customer model” you have developed. This includes before and after pictures showcasing projects with some of the more dramatic changes your company has made. These are always popular and prime content to promote on your social media.

Laying a Foundation for Your Business’s Future

Tools such as construction writing can be a great way to lay a foundation for your home improvement business’s future. Seeking out and finding the best content writers to help you develop quality blog articles for your website can help position you as a thought leader in your industry. Including reviews on your site helps showcase your outstanding reputation to ensure potential clients are more comfortable working with you. Over time, this kind of content can lead to increased numbers of leads, including those who may not yet be ready to use your services, but will remember you as a leading company in their area when they are ready to improve their home. 

With the information you receive about traffic from your blogs and your website, you and the web content company you are working with can continuously develop and improve this strategy. Are you ready to learn more about how you can develop a home improvement marketing strategy for your business? If so, contact us today! Our digital marketing specialists and talented content writers are ready to get to work.

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