4 (more) Great Lead Generation Strategies for Your Online Business

As we detailed in the last article, online sales are usually dependent on digital marketing. Here are 4 more ways to draw in potential customers for your small business success.


  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing takes form in multiple ways such as site content, blogs articles, videos, etc. If you can pick the best type of content that benefits your company and helps create more leads, you’ll want to keep your focus more on that type of content. 

In order to create great content, you’ll want to have a marketing strategy that focuses on your goals to achieve your biggest growth opportunities. Here are some effective content marketing lead generation techniques: 

  • Webinars
  • Blogging
  • Launching podcasts 
  • Creating your own online public relations 
  • Sending out your free video as an email offer 


  1. eBooks 

Writing an eBook will give you credibility and authority in your area of expertise. The more trust you can create between your target audience and your business, the more likely you will become their first option for purchasing your products or services when the time comes for them to buy. 

Here are a couple of steps you will want to follow to create eBook marketing content:

  • Create a list of your goals and the people you hope to reach
  • Come up with and research the topic 
  • Create a rough draft
  • Create an enticing cover 
  • Create the landing page with a web form that at least requires a potential client’s name and email. Soon you will have an email list of viable contacts. 
  • Create an email campaign to keep in contact with your new leads

eBooks also serve as a warm-lead generator. If you get people to download your eBook, you have successfully received their contact information for sending exclusive offers.


  1. Newsletters 

Newsletters sent through email serve as a great resource for businesses that want to nurture the potential leads found in your current email lists. They are a fun way to put out the information you want your customers to see right at their fingertips. Are you going to have a great deal coming up soon? You should build up excitement by announcing it in your weekly or monthly newsletter. 

Newsletters do not always have to be about business. Many businesses have used them as a way to get their clients to see a more personal side of the company’s owner. We have seen business owners keep their audience entertained through personal success stories or stories about their families and dogs. 

To get the most of your newsletter, you’ll want to keep the following in mind: 

  • Make sure you are giving your audience genuine reasons to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Make your newsletter an exclusive group in which they benefit from receiving deals or announcements.
  • Use your newsletter to remind your audience about your services and products. 


  1. Blogging 

Although blogs do not necessarily transfer into direct leads, it has proven to be the most effective way to bring traffic to your website. We suggest posting 3-4 blog articles a week if you are trying to build your online presence. Once you have substantial traffic to your site, you’ll want to post an article at least once a week. Don’t forget to continually update and edit your blog posts that are over a year old. This is a great way to re-use your marketing and add the missing keywords to help with your Google ranking.  Learn more information on why your company should be using blogs by clicking on the link provided. 

Don’t forget to post your blogs on social media sites and Reddit and Quora to boost your traffic. Another great tip is to use your videos as blogs. Once a video is uploaded on YouTube, you can generate a free transcript by clicking on the captions button. You can simply highlight the text, copy and paste onto a word document and start editing! 

If you plan to update your website content, look into our SEO Content Services so we can do all the hard work for you. We’d also love to help you find your company’s voice and write blog articles, newsletters and eBooks to help you generate leads. Contact us today.

Learn more about using eBooks as a great way to generate leads. Simply click the eBook to download.