12 Marketing Videos & What Works Best For Your Site

Video marketing can offer many benefits to your company–dozens, as a matter of fact! In your videos, you want to give people a great first impression of your brand, services or products. Check out a dozen different types of business videos to promote your company through video marketing.


Brand Videos – When clients can start identifying you through your brand, you will be the first to come to mind when they need your products or services. Brand videos are usually created when you are trying to illustrate your company’s overall mission, services and products.


“How-To” Videos – When you create educational videos, you are showing your audience that you are an authoritative figure in your field. The more content marketing you put out as a “teacher,” the more trust a potential lead will have in you. In your education videos, you’ll want to inform your viewers on how your product or service can solve an issue they might be dealing with. These videos will be a great source for leads.


Personalized Messages – An interesting tool to use when you want to give your brand a more human approach. Include personalized message videos on your website’s homepage, about page or as the first video in a new email marketing campaign. These are also optimal content for your social media platforms. Another unique way to use personalized videos is to talk about an issue you are passionate about to share with an audience you know will resonate with your emotions. Show your audience that you aren’t just about business, and remind them that you are human as well.


Event Videos – The perfect way to help build up hype for an upcoming event. You can also use this as an opportunity to showcase the results of a past event. Not only are you able to give your audience a sneak peek of what they should expect from your events but you are able to use this content marketing in multiple manners such as an online webinar or teaser for an upcoming event.


Expert Interviews – An ideal way to network with other professionals in your line of business. Asking another professional to be interviewed by you helps build trust within your target audience. It becomes a form of “free marketing” as you are broadening your audience with the more interviews you complete. When you record an expert interview video, know that it will not be a short video by any means. Don’t feel pressured to use the whole video at once if it’s too long. Get creative and break the video down into smaller sections that you can post on social media. You can use the shorter videos as teasers until you publish the long video or simply use them as an attention grabber and direct them to the longer video on your site.


Live Videos – An easy way to create content. Simply set up your computer or phone at a good angle and start recording your video. The following social media platforms have an option to start a live video: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


Demo Videos – A great way to sell your products or services. We recommend creating a professional demo video. Spend a couple of extra bucks on a videographer that can give you a high-quality video. Demo videos can be used as a sales opportunity if you can speak to your target audience. Make sure to inform your potential client on how you can help solve a problem they are currently experiencing. Keep in mind you are demonstrating to your audience why they should hire your services or buy your product. You might want to use your demo videos as a paid advertisement on social media!


Explainer Videos – These help your target audience by giving them a better understanding of how your service or product can improve their lives. Many have created their explainer video based on a fictional story of their ideal client struggling with an issue that your company helped solve. The fictional character’s life was made easier by purchasing the product or service offered.


360º Virtual Reality Videos – Help your client experience your product or your office as if they were currently standing in front of it. They are able to interact with the video and get a 360º grasp of what you are showing them. It definitely depends on your business area on whether you need a 360º VR video. A real estate agent would probably benefit more from creating these types of videos than an attorney would. But that’s not to say the attorney should not create one. If you have an office space, it’s a novel idea to have a 360º virtual reality video tour of the office to help make your clients feel more comfortable when visiting your physical location. 


Augmented Reality Videos – Entail a potential client being able to see the product you are selling in their own personal space. With an augmented reality video, a person who is thinking about purchasing a new couch can see if it would fit in their living room or match their current style before committing to a purchase. 


Animated Videos – A fun way to get your client’s attention! It can be as simple as creating a free 2-minute video on animoto.com or hiring a company to help create your animated video. Animated videos help explain your company or product through simple visuals. 


Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos – Give you the chance to brag about your company. Did your company recently help someone achieve a big win? Share it with the world through this type of video. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for customer testimonials videos. If you have a physical location in which your clients come to meet you, have a room ready with a camera and microphone. Before your client leaves, ask them if they would be willing to give you a video review to help your company grow. 

We Can Help With Your Video Marketing Needs 

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