Digital Agency or Freelancer: What is Better for Your Blog Content?

In the process of building your website, you’ve learned the importance of having quality blog content. A good blog draws people in, shows people you’re an authority and someone they can trust, and keeps people coming back to your site. But it’s one thing to know the benefits of blogging – it’s another thing to find a good service to craft the kind of high-quality articles you need so you can be certain you have a blog able to help you compete in an online market potentially filled with upwards of thousands of businesses in the same industry. 

It’s at this point you may turn to a blog writing service. After searching for business blogging tips and trying your hand at crafting some articles for your site, you may have realized there’s a reason you chose your industry rather than marketing. Or if you do work in marketing, you may need bulk articles for your blogs and simply don’t have the time to craft them on your own. In either case, you need help. But here you’re left with another big question. Is it better to look for a freelancer for your blog article, or should you find a digital agency to provide you with your blog writing needs? Knowing the pros and cons of working with a freelancer compared to a blog writing service may help you make the best decision.

Quality Blog Content

It’s not enough to simply have content on your blog. The quality of your blog content matters. When people read your blog, it represents who you are as a business. Having well-crafted content puts your business in a better light and helps you make a good impression. This is why it’s vital you choose a blog writing service capable of delivering the best possible content. 

Of course, many freelancers are highly talented and more than capable of delivering incredibly well-written blogs. It is still vital to note the difference it can make to have a digital agency working on your blog articles. With a blog writing service, you will typically have a team working together to craft your content. This can include writers, keyword researchers, and editors. You can even get help finding the right images to go with your article and assistance posting it on your website and social media sites. 

It can be surprising to learn just how much teamwork can go into effective blog writing, and you want to be sure you have the right people for every task so you get the best quality blog possible. This is why working with a digital agency is so often the best choice for many businesses. 

Bulk Blog Content

An effective blog is one you keep updated regularly with fresh, relevant content. Every business’s needs will vary when it comes to how often to keep their blog updated. When seeking business blogging tips, you might find advice suggesting you keep your blog updated about every week or two. This is a pretty good rule of thumb, though many businesses will want to have more frequent updates on their blog, especially if they’re in an industry with frequent news updates or if they want to feature reviews on their blog. In this case, some businesses may want to update their blogs daily, or even multiple times a day.

One of the biggest issues with keeping a blog updated so often is speed. Even the most talented freelancer may not be able to keep up with the kind of demand your business requires when seeking bulk articles for your blogs. Your freelancer also may be missing in action right when you need them most!  In these cases, you’ll need to turn to a digital agency able to process your projects and develop a workflow able to meet your needs and deadlines. 

Varied Blog Content

The blog content you need today may be a little different than what you need tomorrow. When you start to look at business blogging tips, one of the points you’re bound to notice is the importance of offering plenty of variety. No two site visitors are exactly the same – likewise, not all of your blogs’ posts should be the same. Blog posts can be lists, reviews, curated posts, informational posts, or something a little bit different. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of blogging is being able to reach out in a fresh, unique way beyond simply restating the obvious.

This brings us to another important point. While there are many incredibly talented freelancers out there, working with a single individual (or the same small pool of freelancers) can lead to a blog lacking in variety. Even the most gifted writer can find it a challenge to find something new to say when writing about the same topic, product, or service day after day and week after week. When working with a digital agency, many people come together and there are more opportunities to get fresh perspectives, whether crafting your first blog or your 500th. 

Working with a freelancer can still be a great choice for many businesses getting their blogs off the ground. This can be especially true for those who may not have the experience to craft the content they need for a blog on their own. But for those business owners serious about utilizing a blog for marketing purposes, it is almost always a better idea to utilize the services of a digital agency. From ensuring higher quality blogs to keeping blogs updated regularly without delays, there are many benefits a digital agency offers over a freelance writer.

If you’re ready to learn more about how our digital marketing agency can help with your blog, or any other marketing needs from website content to social media marketing, contact our talented team today! 

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