How to Recycle Blog Content into Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Crafting an engaging, well-written blog article takes time – time spent researching keywords, developing the topic, writing the article, and of course, time editing and refining it for your readers. It only makes sense you would want to make the most of this time investment. Fortunately, your blog can be an incredible resource to turn to when seeking email marketing content. 

The power of blogging to boost your digital marketing efforts can’t be denied. At least, it would be a bit silly to try and do so, especially considering the way I’m reaching you now! Yet there are various email marketing strategies a business can employ to reach out and attract the attention of leads. Among these strategies is turning to your blogs and recycling the content you find there. This can help you create an outstanding email marketing campaign, saving you time as you’ve already done some of the development. Here, we’ll take a look at several ways you can turn an existing blog into a shiny, new email campaign.

Share the Good News

Among the many types of emails you could use as a part of a marketing campaign, newsletters are a common and highly effective choice for many businesses. Newsletter marketing is also a simple way to reach out to people and share what’s going on with your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. One of the great things about sending newsletters as a part of email marketing is the ability to repurpose marketing material and content, including your blogs. 

Blogs can easily be attached to newsletters. However, you have to find the right blog to send out depending on the situation. If you post blogs on a regular basis and send out newsletters on roughly the same schedule, you can easily attach your most recent article, encouraging readers to come and check it out. Otherwise, you may want to choose blogs based on certain themes within your newsletter. For example, if advertising a sale for a certain service in your newsletter, you may want to choose a blog with information about the service. Newsletter marketing can be incredibly effective, and including links to blogs can help drive even more traffic and leads your way. 

Build a Marketable eBook

Even if your readers love your blog, they may not have the time (or patience) to click on page after page to read your posts. But take heed – you can use this to your advantage. By going through your blog and curating your best posts, you can repurpose a few blog articles into an ebook. This has several advantages. Not only are readers more likely to sit down and read through an ebook, but this content can be highly effective when used as part of an email marketing campaign. 

When curating blog content for an ebook, you have several options. For example, you can simply pull together all of your most popular posts, or you can pull together a series of posts based on a certain theme. When crafting emails announcing the ebook, you can begin by sending out an announcement and then follow up with the first chapter of the ebook. This will tempt readers to go ahead and download it when you send out the third email containing the entire ebook.

Produce Compelling Videos

We live in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever. Even those of us who love to sit down and read blogs from our favorite businesses may not have the time to sit down and read lengthy blog posts. The solution? Recycle some of your most popular blog posts and transform them into easily digestible videos. Informational blog posts, in particular, can become excellent video tutorials, which in turn make for excellent email marketing content. 

Creating a video based on a blog is not a particularly difficult process. A writer can produce a script based on the original post. From here, all you need is a good voice over and visuals. The video can then be published on your business’s social media and to leads by way of email so they can easily click through and view it, making it one of the more effective email marketing strategies

Remind Readers of Old Favorites

Sometimes the simplest strategy is also among the most effective. Often, email marketing services will simply head to a blog and scour posts in search of those with the most views. It is an easy way to do things, yes, but it is also a surefire way to know what you are sending out is something people are more likely to need. 

Remember, a little self-promotion can be a good thing. Also remember to have a little fun with older blog posts, especially if they have been on your site for a while. Writing some material for the email on what was happening with your business around the time the post was written is a great option. You can also include links to fun comments on the blog made by readers (which, as a bonus, encourages readers to click on those links).

Blogging is a vital part of your marketing toolkit, but because it is such a major time investment it only makes sense you would want to use the posts you come up with in as many ways as possible. Fortunately, your blog posts can be much more versatile than you think.

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