How to Rev Up Your Automotive Marketing

As an automotive dealer or repair shop, you likely have many customers in search of information about the services you can provide – along with a lot of competition. This makes it necessary to have a good marketing strategy in place, enabling you to get more people of those potential customers to your site and keep them coming back when they’re in need of what you can provide. Even on a limited budget, when working with an automotive copywriter you can get everything you need to generate new leads and get existing customers to return when searching for vehicle maintenance or repair work. 

Lead Generation Strategies for Auto Shops and Dealers

Generating new leads can be a difficult task, especially within more competitive markets. Knowing the information people heading to your site need is often foremost among an auto shop or dealer’s lead generation techniques. When building a new website or optimizing your existing website, you can work with an auto content writer to craft high-quality, search engine optimized pages to help you rank higher in search engines and draw in leads. It’s typically a good idea to include individual pages detailing the services you can provide or, for dealers, the vehicles you have available. Not only is it good information for customers, but it can help you place more pages on your website and offer more opportunities for search engine optimization.

Social media is also a driving force for many auto shops and dealers. A good social media presence helps you reach out to new individuals, keep up with existing customers, and offers an easy way to showcase the content written by your automotive blog writer. Basic social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to get started on your social media strategy. If you have a large number of pictures to share, Instagram can be a good option. 

You will also want to claim your business pages, with Google My Business and Yelp being among the top sites and a terrific way to let people know what you can do for them. These sites also make it easy for customers to find basic information about your business including your hours of operation, phone number, and address.

Kicking Your Auto Blog into High Gear

Though your initial concern may be working with an auto content writer to come up with the pages for your website, there is typically still far more to do to build a great automotive marketing strategy. Having a blog filled with informative content is another great lead-generating strategy as the automotive blog writer you work with will typically offer search engine optimization with well-researched keywords to draw in more traffic. 

However, this is not all a blog can do for you. If filled with well-written, informative content, more individuals will be likely to head back to your blog when in search of information they need regarding their vehicle. Finding the right topics for your blog is always essential, though if you keep it updated and work with an automotive blog writer to keep new articles posted on a regular basis, you can cover a range of topics useful to your customers. Examples of good topics for an automotive blog include:

  • The best type of oil for a vehicle
  • Information on improving gas mileage
  • Understanding a vehicle’s warranty
  • Seasonal vehicle maintenance tips
  • Identifying when repairs are covered by insurance
  • Purchasing the best tires for a vehicle
  • Understanding vehicle emergency lights
  • Car buying tips and tricks
  • Spotlights on vehicles a dealership has in stock

Having a blog and site filled with search engine optimized content can further boost your rankings and drive traffic to your site. This is especially true when working with an automotive blog writer and coming up with topics people commonly search for relating to their vehicles, from knowing when to change your vehicle’s oil to identifying the source of common vehicle issues that may need to be addressed. However, a few details should be kept in mind when coming up with an SEO strategy. As an auto repair shop or dealership, it is most important for you to reach those in your community with your content. As you work with an automotive content writer, you will want to pay attention to local SEO in particular. This helps give you a boost in rankings within your area and can help cut down on the number of websites you’re competing with. 

Get a Marketing Boost With Video Advertising

When people are searching for information on a vehicle, they often want to see how it looks in action before heading to a dealership for a test drive. Meanwhile, video advertising can also provide a good resource where customers can get information on identifying content issues and necessary repairs. 

As you craft videos for your site, there are many ways you can share them. For example, features on the vehicles you offer can be placed directly on your site. Meanwhile, other video content you produce can be shared by way of social media, where you can attract new leads and let the people who view it easily share it with others. An automotive copywriter can help with various aspects of crafting videos for your site, from coming up with a script to getting your videos seen by more people with the right search engine optimization.

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