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How to Give Your Dental Office Marketing Some Bite!

It can be easy to overlook your dental marketing strategy when you’re busy with the daily operations of your dental practice. If you want your business to succeed, you need to stand out in the industry and remain competitive. There are a few ways to give your dental office marketing strategy some bite while sharpening your dental web content for future patients.

Determine Your Goals

It can be easy to wander aimlessly with your dental office marketing efforts if you’re not sure where you’re headed. Your marketing strategy won’t be as effective if you don’t know your goals and the purpose. Before creating a new plan, determine your goals, whether it’s focusing on specific services or acquiring new patients. Understanding your target audience and the objectives you want to meet can give you more direction on how to market your office. It will also help you hone your dental writing skills and focus more on what topics to discuss.

Show Off Your Expertise

When it comes to getting dental work, most people want to feel safe and at ease with routine cleanings and root canals. Use your dental office marketing strategy to reinforce  your expertise and that potential patients can trust they’re in good hands. Work hard to keep your audience informed and discuss new topics to ensure they have confidence in your abilities. Engagement is also necessary to make a connection with your audience and establish trust. Choose who your target audience is in advance to improve your dental web content. Using videos also works well for engaging with your patients and prospective customers. You can create a video of a tour of your office or even a weekly update with tips for proper oral health.

Wrap it Up with a Call to Action 

You should always include a call to action with your dental writing when creating blog posts and emails. The main purpose of your marketing strategy is to attract more patients, and sometimes they need a slight push in the right direction. Your call to action should include the phone number to the office to schedule their first appointment. You can even mention a free consultation or x-rays to entice potential customers to act quickly. Adding a sense of urgency with limited-time offers can also work effectively.

Include Testimonials

You can expect a bit of hesitancy from potential patients who are considering if they want to schedule an appointment at your dental practice. Most people are naturally slow to finding the right dentist in the local area and can be nervous about seeing someone new. Adding testimonials to your dentist website, newsletters, and blog posts is a professional and humble way of proving you’re reputable. Consider asking some of your most loyal patients if they’re willing to write a small blurb for your dentist website, good or bad.

Commit to a Monthly Newsletter

Never underestimate the power of a monthly newsletter, which will allow you to stay connected to your current patients in-between their routine visits. The newsletter should be friendly and informative with dental tips. It can also remind your patients of their next appointment or the top toothbrushes you recommend. Not only will it help your patients improve their oral health, but the newsletters are a friendly reminder to set up the next appointment.

Email marketing is another useful resource for growing your business. Instead of only sending content, opt for email videos, photos, and guides for your customers to benefit from as they improve their oral health. You can also get your readers’ attention by sending special offers, contests, and coupons.

Create an Online Presence

Your marketing efforts will be unsuccessful if it’s hard for people to find your dental practice on the Internet. Building an online presence is key to increasing your exposure, as well as your rank in search results. Give attention to your dentist website and think of it as a business card. Your website is the first impression you’ll make on potential patients and is one of the main factors people will use to determine if they’re going to schedule their first appointment.

Include the basic information of your office on the main page to ensure phone numbers, your address, and background are easy to find. Incorporate search engine optimization into the site to increase your organic traffic. You should use main keywords like “dental office in City” or “City dentist” to make it easier for local residents to find your website and services.

Utilizing social media is another great way of connecting with people in the local area. Start with Facebook, which is a popular place to advertise, post articles, and interact with potential customers. It’s also a place where your customers can share your posts or information with their Facebook friends.

Seek Help

If you find yourself struggling with writer’s block, reach out to a dental writer who can offer their creativity and ideas. Utilizing a professional content service can improve the quality of your blog or website content, especially when your time is limited. Although you may not consider yourself to be a dental writer, a content writer can help improve your dental writing skills. They’ll also help with blog topics, promotions, and different types of multimedia to use in your dental marketing strategy.

Don’t wait to ask for help. Contact us today! Our dental web content team is here to guide you through the process of developing and improving your marketing strategy for greater success in the industry.

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