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What to Look for in a Professional Product Description Writer

You may take pride in the type of products you sell. Unfortunately, without the right product description or product description writer, it isn’t always easy to sell different items to online consumers. Many retailers make the mistake of overlooking their product descriptions on their website or they just slap on the manufacturer’s description. They often believe so much in their product they assume it can sell itself. It’s important to understand consumers want to get as much information as possible before they head to the checkout to ensure it’s worth their money…especially when they’re visiting a store online.

When you use a talented product description writer, it’ll make your customers want to learn more and may even prompt them to explore other items available through your brand. Their interesting, thought-provoking language should speak directly to the individual instead of the masses. Product description writing services should allow you to make a connection with your audience and earn their trust in a matter of seconds.

Whether you’re ready to release a new product on your website or want to increase your sales on Amazon, it may be time to hire a product description writer. Here are some important tips to help you in your search for the right product description writer.

Think of your Product Description Writer as Your Salesperson

A professional product description writer should do all the work of selling the product for you. If you were to hire a real salesperson to sell your products, you’d look for someone polished and charismatic. So why spend less time and energy on your product descriptions? Don’t consider yourself a wordsmith? Do you struggle with writer’s block? That’s why a product description writer can help. They use their skill as a professional writer to put your products in the best light possible. 

Does Their Sample Writing Inspire Confidence in the Company and Product?

Product descriptions help the consumer make an informed decision with their purchase. It should offer the consumer confidence with investing in the item, convincing them it offers something unique and will contribute to a better quality of life. This is why it’s important to utilize product description writing services when you’re limited on time or struggle to create engaging content.

Do They Write Engaging Content?

A low-quality product description with bland verbiage and vague wording can cause you to lose out on the sale. Unique content provided by a product description writer should keep the reader engaged and will prevent them from losing interest before reaching the last sentence. The content should be just as captivating as what you’re selling. Also, they should understand you only have seconds to keep the reader engaged and make every word count. If the content is good enough, it may even allow you to charge more for the product than the average market value!

Do the Product Descriptions Capture Your Company’s Voice?

Product description writing services take on the voice and persona you need to boost your sales. A talented writer will be sure to use the right voice and tone for your product descriptions. 

Does Your Product Description Writer Believe in Your Products?

Product description writing services should become deeply invested to learn about what you’re selling and why it’s different from your competitors. They should be committed to becoming experts about your products to ensure you can sell your items and show off how reputable they are to attract more customers. They should also be willing to learn about the specific type of consumer you want to target.

Do They Ensure No Duplicate Content is on Your Site?

The writer should take pride in writing highly persuasive content to stand out amongst the competition with dozens of similar products available online. A product description writer should rewrite your manufacturer-provided content with a high level of enthusiasm without compromising on professionalism. As they rewrite each sentence, they should add more features and romance the content to prevent it from being detected as duplicate content. This helps you from being “dinged” by Google and other search engines, which can hurt your website ranking.

Do They Bring Your Product to Life?

Product description writers should make your customers believe they’re looking at the item in person. Once they describe your product, it should emphasize all the benefits and highlight every selling point to ensure they show off the true value of the product. 

Do They Illustrate How Your Product Can Solve Problems?

A product description writer should create engaging content that shows the customer how it will solve a problem they may not even realize they have. It should show how your product is the answer to their question. The product description can be more effective if it has the goal of selling a solution and telling a story.

Does the Writer Choose Facts Over Fluff?

You shouldn’t have to worry about any filler or unnecessary jargon when you hire a product description writer. They should know to value and respect your reader’s time, which is why they should give facts instead of fluff. 

Ready to start increasing your sales today? Contact us for our professional product description writing services. Our product description writers are ready to revamp your content so you can reap the rewards of fact-based selling copy that’s written in your company’s voice and chock-full of the product’s features and benefits to solve your customers’ problems.

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